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So... I just did a Facebook Live Video to talk about where I am in the process and how I'm approaching a new #pilotidea once it has been randomly selected.
I mentioned in the video that I'm feeling #frustrated today, but in replaying the video, oh man, do I look and sound stressed!
That's because I am.
I knew this would be hard and #uncomfortable, that each week and part of the process would be #challenging in its own way, and I'm kind of bummed I was right 🙃
Disclaimer: #cursing ahead
Okay, so, yes, today is a shitty day. And, no, I'm not filtering that out of my posts or updates. Because starting a business is #hard. Testing new ideas #sucks sometimes. The entire point behind sharing the process is to be #honest and transparent about what happens when you shake things up in your life. In my life, when I shake things up, I curse. Really, does any shake up resolve without someone yelling "What the fuck?!"
I don't feel better writing this out, but I do feel satisfied that this is what I'm actually, #honestly thinking and feeling.
This shit is hard.

tl;dr This shit is hard

Author Bree Weber Published 1/30/2018, 2:35:52 PM Permalink

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