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This past week, I did not hit a conditional.
That means, the #videogamestreamer #pilotidea is done, and it's on to the next.
I've taken the last two days catch up on #sleep and start putting together facts, lessons learned, and #insights from my 6 weeks as a video game streamer for Pig Pilots.
Specifically, as a video game streamer, here are the facts:
The Good
  • I was averaging 23% #growth
  • I #monetized in the first two weeks
  • I made affiliate status in 1 month
The Bad
  • Every time I took a day off, I lost momentum
  • As a result, I only took off 3-5 days each month
  • I streamed an average of 33 hours every week
  • I worked an average of 41 hours every week
  • Some weeks I worked 60+ hours
Some of my insights are less fact...
The Opinionated
  • Streaming changed my sleep schedule, which left me feeling exhausted
  • When I was tired I was less talkative, which negatively affected my engagement
  • Because of my streaming schedule, I spent less time on my social life
  • I ran 3 contests, but each had very little interest or engagement
  • People seemed to really hate my #conditionals
I'm going to continue to share facts and insights, including further thoughts on what I've shared above. I'll be re-rolling to determine my next #pilotidea Monday (3/19/18) morning.

tl;dr A run down of my life as a video game streamer. I worked hard and saw great results, but the rest of my life was impacted as a result.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/16/2018, 1:58:22 PM Permalink

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