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This is a longer post, so grab a latte or cider and settle in.
Let's start with celebrating, because, HOORAY! 🎉I hit two conditionals last week! I was getting nervous. But I stuck to my #streamyourheartout mantra and everybody came together. Seriously, the community that I'm getting glimpses of on my Twitch channel is the reason I met my conditionals.
I was super excited by everyone asking questions and getting involved in this conditionals business. And you folks brought up some really good insights – like math (whatever, I studied English) – that have me thinking about a new approach to #conditionals.
That's right, I'm changing up the conditionals structure
Simply increasing the number of conditionals that need to be met every week doesn't take into account things like reality. So, let's talk about reality.
Growth is often unpredictable. Sometimes it happens slowly and other times in spurts. The conditionals exist to encourage me to push my limits and try new approaches, not to make myself crazy by trying to grow everything all at once. So, they need some revisions.
Introducing Drop Off Conditionals
#DropOffConditionals aka DOCs (because we all love acronyms) will 'drop off' my conditionals list once they've been met. If there are no conditionals left on the list, the pilot idea fails.
You're probably thinking um, there's only 3 conditionals to begin with. I know math isn't your thing, but you're totally going to run out and fail. WTF?! There's a plan for that!
All 'dropped off' conditionals can be reactivated once I achieve a monetary conditional. I am trying to make this my job and life, after all, so there's no good in pretending money isn't a #priority.
Speaking of priorities, the DOCs will also be prioritized based on reality. Currently, my conditionals have all been equal, but I've broken them down into this priority list which now have a unique multiplier added once met:
  1. monetary conditional x1.5
  2. engagement conditional x1.4
  3. popularity conditional x1.3
Popularity is important because people need to know about you in order to grow. Engagement is more important because sustainable success prioritizes quality over quantity. Money is the most important because life.
What this means for video game streaming
This is my conditionals list for this week:
  1. Receive sum of $11
  2. Attain 24 new followers
  3. Reach 50 max viewers in a week
Let's say I get 50 max viewers and 24 new followers this week. The max viewer conditional will be multiplied by 1.3 (becoming 65) and dropped off the list. The new follower conditional will be multiplied by 1.4 (becoming 32), but will remain on the list.
Yup, only the lower priority conditionals get dropped off the list when multiple conditions are met. Unless, of course, the monetary conditional is met, and then everything is reactivated!
In the spirit of reality, I'm adding in an #allowance. I can miss one week of conditionals once every three months. Every once an while people do something else besides care about my pilot idea, like, ya know, take holidays. So #reality.

tl;dr I've revised my entire conditionals structure and introduced drop off conditionals

Author Bree Weber Published 2/26/2018, 2:45:09 PM Permalink

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