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I've been doing mostly short burst of streaming. With the exception of my 24 hour stream and a few occasional streams, most sit between the 1-3 hour mark.
So, this week I'm embarking on a new #challenge. Pig Pilots is all about testing out new strategies and approaches, including those that put me outside my #comfortzone. In that spirit, I'll be streaming 10 hours every day this week.
That's a total of 50 hours alone this week. Which is on par with what all the #videogamstreamers who 'made it' said it took in the early days. And these are the #earlydays.
Beginning this morning, I'll be streaming from 2:30pm ET on-wards. 😳

tl;dr Streaming 10 hours a day every day this week.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/19/2018, 9:20:07 AM Permalink

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