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Want to start from the beginning?

Today is a big day in Pig Pilots' history

Today marks the most amount of #money that I've made in a single week – from #copywriting or any other #pilotidea. I'm talking more than double my #monetary #conditional.


I think it has at least a little to do with launching this #contentcoaching program in #alpharelease, and bodes well for seeing strong numbers next week (as long as I can keep generating interest).
For now, I think I'll take the weekend to celebrate!

tl;dr I not only met this week's monetary conditional, but exceeded it – by more than double. This is the largest amount of money I've earned in a week in Pig Pilot's history.

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If I look at my mini goals, this week was a failure, but if I look at my conditional, this week was a success.

And I'm always looking at my conditional.

My #minigoals are just a way for me to meet my #conditional, and this week I not only met my #minimummonetary, but I exceeded it! 🀩
That means I'll be adding to my Piggy Bank 🐽
As far as mini goals, creating content – both for my blog and other platforms – was the area I consistently failed. I need to change my mindset from 'finding time to write for myself' to 'creating time to write for myself'.
That said, increasing my Piggy Bank balance is definitely a boost, because having dry or slow weeks is hard on my entrepreneurial ego. It's also a solid reminder that putting my head down and working hard yields results. πŸ’ͺ There's even a chance I'll get Bonus Bucks!! πŸ’Έ
I'm half way into month 5 of #contentwriter #pilotidea, and I think I'm really getting into a groove, here. 😎

tl;dr This week I failed to meet several of my mini goals, but I met my minimum monetary and then some any way! I'm adding to my PIggy Bank, and on Sunday I'll see if I get any Bonus Bucks.

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I knew when I switched over to a more rigorous and business-focused #conditional system, that I'd need to deal with #failure more often. In fact, I specifically incorporated failure into my new system in order to deal with it more often. I know that learning to handle failure with grace is going to make me a badass entrepreneur who builds incredibly successful businesses.
But it's still hard πŸ™„
Most of us – myself included – have #emotional responses to failure. We think things like What mistake did I make? and How come I didn't see this coming. If we're not careful, that kind of thought process can turn into destructive thoughts like I can't do anything and I'm absolute worst – neither of which are remotely true.
So, this weekend, I'm focused on doing a few things (aside from continuing to work my ass off)
  1. 😞 Accept my failure because I didn't meet this week's conditional
  2. 😭 Process all that emotional stuff without getting negative
  3. 🀨 Shift my mindset and get into problem solving mode
  4. πŸ€” Identify at least 5 things I can do to ensure I meet my conditional next week
  5. πŸ€“ Start on those 5 things as soon as I finish up my client work


tl;dr This week is a failure, a concept I know I need to get better at processing, so I can get back to working hard. So, I'm trying to shift my mindset to problem-solving mode and start thinking ahead to next week.

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I'm back from vacay 🏝

There wasn't a beach, but I did enjoy spending some time with my best friend back home.
This week is basically only about 3.5 days long, because of two reasons. For starters, I took Monday off to spend with said best friend back home. I flew back this morning, but am starting the work day pretty #late. I'll be making tomorrow a short work day for some more planned #travel to see family. It's making for a slightly #stressful week.
While it's stressful, I'm not going to slack off or get discouraged. I just need to work smart and make the most of my hours. I have a strong to-do list, and I'm sticking to my self-made deadlines.

I did get this message while I was gone...

So, this new level has some perks. But to be honest, #Fiverr has been a supplemental platform at best lately. There have definitely been a few weeks where Fiverr has helped me meet a #conditional, and a few weeks ago I probably would have been thrilled to get this new status. Today, I'm nonplussed.
I still view expanding my client base and filling my schedule with #retainer clients as the best way to achieve my #minimummonetary and grow my business.

tl;dr This week is a busy one because I scheduled travel during the work week. Obviously, that's not going to stop me from working hard or getting shit done though.. I did get upgraded to a new Fiverr seller level, but I'm seeing the platform more and more as supplemental to my primary focus: building a strong client list.

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This week has been a nail biter 😬

It was a major challenge for a couple reasons. The primary being that my #monetary #conditional was above what I've been clearing most weeks. I thought I might need to rely on #popularity and #engage – or even use up my freebie week that I earned after the first successful month – but I also hadn't published any of my own #writing recently.
It surprised and delighted me, but I met my monetary conditional today!!
  • βœ… Monetary – 28,844 PigPoints
  • πŸ• Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • πŸ• Popularity – 3,141 PigPoints
I also made some pretty good progress with my #minigoals:
  • 🚫 I didn't publish a new Medium article, so this is carrying over into a new weekly goal
  • βœ… I sent in a submission to Entrepreneur 🀞
  • βœ… I submitted my pitch to The Spruce
  • 🚫 I didn't submit a new article to PopSugar, so this is also carrying over
  • 🚫 I also didn't pitch any hotels, but this didn't feel particularly useful/important since many hotels offer a comped stay in lieu of monetary compensation
I'm drafting up some bigger goals. Think less mini goal and more #massivegoals, because ::drum roll:: I'm coming up on 12 weeks! I'm getting closer to my minimum monetary conditional (where I stop multiplying and continue working hard) and I want to start thinking about where I can take this #business

tl;dr I wasn't sure if I'd make it since this was a big week, but I met my monetary conditional! I didn't make as much progress with mini goals, but I'm rolling them over and drafting up some new massive goals.

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This has been a busy week, but with the long holiday weekend, all I want to do is be outside! So, I'm planning some outdoor days and pool-side work stations for next week. πŸ’¦
Speaking of next week, I have a lot of a goals to hit 🏁. My #monetary #conditional is going up, and even though my #popularity and #engagement conditionals have been stagnant, I'll be working on them quite a bit.
I've been doing well in the triple digits lately πŸ’°, but next week's requirement is getting close to the top of my monetary history. In short, it will be #challenge.
In the meantime, I've been focusing on my #minigoals, and have made some great #progress:
  • Drafted new Medium article to finalize and publish on Monday πŸ“†
  • Reaching out to friends πŸ™ to ask for an intro to Entrepreneur editor
  • I have a general idea for my pitch to The Spruce, but need to clarify it more πŸ€”
  • Outlined article for PopSugar; need to write ✍️ and submit next week
  • I've identified a few hotels, but really need to hone my hotel stay pitch 🀫

For now, I'm taking the rest of the weekend off to rest, relax, and enjoy the weather β˜€οΈπŸ˜Žβ›±

tl;dr Next week is a big challenge to break a monetary record that I haven't been hitting. I feel good about my mini goals, but am ready to relax over the long holiday weekend, first.

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This is week 10 of #contentwriter, and there have been some major milestones πŸ’Ž along the way that have made this #pilotidea the most successful yet:
  • Met monetary conditional every single week! πŸ’°
  • Longest running pilot idea πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ
  • Most successful all-time monetary, engagement, and popularity 🀩
I've also met a #conditional for this week:
  • βœ… Monetary – 19,229 PigPoints
  • πŸ• Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • πŸ• Popularity – 3,141 PigPoints

I've also decided to create some #minigoals that work towards individual conditionals.

Mini goals for the rest of May 2018:
  • ✍️ Publish new article to Medium
  • 🀞 Pitch to Entrepreneur editor
  • βœ‰οΈ Send pitch to The Spruce
  • πŸ“ Submit article to PopSugar
  • 🏨 Draft pitch for local hotel stay

tl;dr Week 10 means longest and most successful pilot idea, plus I met a conditional for this week.

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I know, I know... I went MIA again.

The good news is that I met a #conditional this week, so I'm now tied with #videogamestreamer for longest running #pilotidea!
  • βœ… Monetary – 3,798 PigPoints
  • πŸ•‘ Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • πŸ•‘ Popularity – 1,858 PigPoints
The week isn't over, but this is the first in several weeks that I haven't met Popularity or Engagement. And I already know the reason – I haven't published any of my own work for 2 weeks now. I've been preoccupied with client work, which is great, but it also reveals a potential problem.
The actions I take and activities I do that can earn money are different from those that bring popularity or engagement. This effectively means I am choosing between paid projects and personal projects based on what I think is the best route that week.
Obviously, that's a bad thing. A driving force of Pig Pilots is a system that removes emotional choices or gut feeling decisions. So, it's confirmed that I need to make changes to the system. To even out how conditionals are met and paths can earn points.

tl;dr This week I realized that every week I am choosing between money vs popularity and engagement, because the actions for paid projects are completely different from the latter. This needs a fix pronto, so things will be a'changin'.

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It's been about a month since I began as a #contentwriter, so it seems about time to review.
Let's start with the #milestones πŸ’Ž
  • March 20 – rolled as content writer
  • March 24 – 1st paid #Fiverr gig
  • March 26 – 1st repeat customer on a platform
  • March 26 – met monetary #conditional in 1st week
  • March 27 – published 1st article on #Medium
  • March 27 – joined Medium Partner Program
  • March 27 – 1st clap on a Medium article
  • March 28 – 1st private client
  • March 29 – 1st Medium follower
  • March 30 – most monetarily successful #pilotidea
  • March 30 – 1st week meeting all 3 conditionals
  • March 31 – published 1st article on #linkedin
  • April 03 – 1st repeat private client
  • April 10 – 1st Fiverr upgrade offer accepted
  • April 10 – 1st Fiverr tip
  • April 12 – 1st private referral
  • April 13 – 1st pitch accepted
Yup, and that's in less than 30 days!
I've got some bigger goals on the horizon, but hot damn, this is pretty incredible progress. I've met a monetary conditional every single week of this pilot idea, and all 3 conditionals for 3 out of 4 weeks.

tl;dr It's been about a month since I began the latest #contentwriter #pilotidea. This is a list of all of my milestones in that time.

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I've been getting more private clients and repeat clients as a #contentwriter, which is great! πŸ€“
The only downside is how busy I've been working on that content. It's meant that I'm getting more money from paying gigs (towards my monetary #conditional), but I have less time to spend on my own work (that leads towards popularity and engagement).
I'm gonna say this is a good problem to have. Besides, I can always use my weekends to #write for myself ✍️

tl;dr I've been so busy getting work, that I've been neglecting my own. A pretty awesome problem to have!

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Heyoo! I met a #conditional. Yup, already! ☺️
The last two weeks I also met conditionals on Tuesday, so maybe there's something special about Tuesday. Tasty Tuesday? Tip Tuesday? I don't know, but it's cool with me.
    βœ…Monetary – 1688 PigPoints
So, any other conditionals (popularity or engagement) will also be increased by their respective multipliers, if met:
  • Monetary – x1.5
  • Engagement – x1.4
  • Popularity – x1.3
It seems like I've been meeting conditionals fairly easily as a #contentwriter, which has me wondering if I'll eventually scale up to a point that I plateau, or if this #pilotidea is meant to be.
Onwards and upwards! 🐽✈️

tl;dr I met a monetary conditional... again... on a Tuesday... again. Is the universe bamboozling me? Stay tuned, because I'm not sure.

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Alright, so I totally met my #conditional (actually all of them – again!) early last week πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ ... and then promptly disappeared. Sorry πŸ˜”
I have returned!
Let's start (as always) with this week's conditionals, because they've all been increased:
  1. Monetary: 1688 PigPoints
  2. Engagement: 980 PigPoints
  3. Popularity: 1092 PigPoints

tl;dr I may have disappeared for a minute, but I'm back – with a vengeance!

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New week, new records to beat!
After reviewing my progress last week, I've decided there is still room for improvement. Hence, more changes:
  • For the #engagement #conditional, only claps πŸ‘ from new users will be counted for #Medium
  • I'm dropping the Alignable #platform πŸ‘Ž
  • I'm dropping the Slack platform πŸ‘Ž
This week, I'm introducing objective #dropoffconditionals for my own network. My network of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ get involved in the same way I see #popularity and engagement on other platforms. So, I'm counting them in on the fun!
Popularity has been primarily based on people viewing, liking, commenting on, and sharing what I do. But what is the network equivalent?
  • Introductions and referrals
  • Twitter likes, retweets, and shares
  • Reddit upvotes and comments
  • Instagram likes, comments, and reposts
  • Pig Pilots likes and reads
Engagement has been primarily based on people responding to my work, asking me about paid work, and sending queries about next steps. The same is true for my network:
  • Someone texts/emails/calls to ask me about hiring me as a #contentwriter
I still think Popularity needs a bit of refinement to determine the validity (as well as the calculation) of each point. But I think it's a great starting point.

tl;dr This is a new week, and I'm already dropping platforms. I really want to hone in what is working and discard what isn't pulling its weight – as objectively as possible.

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I did it again!
Last week was a record in Pig Pilots for meeting a #monetary #conditional during the 1st week of a #pilotidea. πŸ…
This week is another record for meeting a monetary conditional two weeks in a row! πŸ…πŸ…
I received another #Fiverr order for $10, of which I receive $8, a total of 800 PigPointsβ„’ as a #contentwriter. ✍️
This week's monetary conditional to meet was 750 PigPointsβ„’ πŸŽ‰πŸ’°πŸŽŠ
Now, let's see if I can hit all 3 conditionals in a single week! How's that for a record 😏

tl;dr I met a monetary conditional... on day 2 of the week... for the 2nd week in a row. It's a record pilot idea already!

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It's official! I'm a Medium Platform Partner! πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸŽŠ

If you're curious, here's the #conditional breakdown for the #medium #platform:
  • Monetary – $0.01 = 1 PigPointsβ„’
  • Popularity – 1 view/read/share = 14 PigPointsβ„’
  • Engagement – 1 clap/follow = 70 PigPointsβ„’

tl;dr I've joined the Medium Partner Program, where I can write whatever and whenever, and potentially earn money from my writing.

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I met a monetary conditional!
I received an order on Fiverr over the weekend, which brings in 500 #PigPointsβ„’ aka the exact amount needed to meet a monetary #conditional.
So, all conditionals are reactivated for this next week, but the monetary and popularity conditionals have a multiplier applied:
  • monetary x 1.5 = 750 PigPointsβ„’
  • popularity x 1.3 = 650 PigPointsβ„’
  • engagement 500 PigPointsβ„’

tl;dr I met my 2nd conditional this week, and it's monetary; that means all conditionals are reactivated for next week.

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I met my first #contentwriter #conditional! πŸŽ‰πŸ€©πŸŽŠ
I earned over 500 #PigPointsβ„’ in #Popularity from #Fiverr
  • Each view or click = 14 PigPointsβ„’
You can see that I didn't receive any impressions, clicks, or #views (let alone orders or cancellations) from the top three gigs, because I only created them earlier today.
I made a lot of changes to bottom 2 gigs listed trying to figure out what works and how to get engagement. Over the course of this week, after setting up the original gig details, I:
  • revised the description
  • recorded and uploaded a video
  • uploaded new, customized images
  • changed the pricing structure
  • changed the title
  • recorded and uploaded a new video
  • changed the title again
  • changed the description again
  • lowered the prices
  • reduced the turnaround time
  • changed the title again
  • changed the pricing structure again
Even so, there were some things I couldn't change.

Why do I look scared in the video preview imageβ€½β€½β€½

I chose not to include impressions (number of times my "gig" shows up as a thumbnail) as a Popularity Action, because someone scrolling through a search page with my face next to a 100 others may or may not even notice me.
Initially, I chose to include clicks (from those impressions), but looking at my results, I realized that I'd be counting these numbers twice in my points calculation since they're technically included in views.
So, I've revised the Popularity Action conversion to PigPoints for Fiverr to:
  • Each view = 14 PigPointsβ„’
In any case, 14 PigPoints x 43 views (24 from gig 1 + 19 from gig 2) = 602 PigPointsβ„’
Since I needed at least 500 PigPoints, it's a #success! That means I extend this #pilotidea for another week, and the popularity conditional drops off until I meet a monetary conditional.
Since I have new platforms, I really need clarify the Engagement Actions for each platform, or find replacement platforms. All of which, I'll do before Monday!

tl;dr I earned PigPoints and met a conditional as a content writer. I changed up my approach a lot, including what counts towards PigPoints conversions. I'm extending my pilot idea for another week, but the popularity conditional drops off. I'll have to meet a monetary or engagement conditional next.

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I missed a conditional
I'm definitely feeling bummed that this one week put me behind on my #goals so much so that I missed a #conditional. I #streamed for about 30 hours (and gamed for another 15) last week, but didn't make the gains I anticipated.
One silver lining is that I experienced my first week of bits and cheering. This was a completely new concept to me, but I really did feel cheered and motivated! Clearly, Twitch, has a super cool pysch consult.
I'm taking my weekend – the first in over 3 weeks – to regroup. I used up my one and only allowance for the entire quarter, so whatever happens next week determines if I move on to a new #pilotidea and leave #videogamestreaming behind.
My working theory is threefold: first is that I'm really tired (Pig Pilots is hard work!) and my stream content quality is suffering as a result. Secondly, I'm not as chatty and personable as I normally am because I'm focused on improving my game. And lastly, I do think the tech issues I discovered at the end of the week put a damper on things.
Clearly I need to rest up, practice up and get this tech sorted. So, I'm off to rest and recover and probably play a bit offline, so I can come back all shiny and new.

tl;dr I missed a conditional, which means this next week determines whether or not I continue video game streaming

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I stayed on my twitch stream for about an extra hour because...
  1. it was a lot of fun
  2. I met a conditional!
I had a lot of great engagement aka people were chatting both with me and other people which was awesome. Someone in the chat mentioned how the community for Diablo (the game I was playing) is small, but super friendly and chill – I definitely agree.
At the height, I had 9 viewers on my stream and ended the night with 11 total followers! So hooray! #conditional met 🎊
I'm going to extend this #pilotidea until the end of this week. I'll be back tomorrow to post a new update about the revsied conditionals I'll need to meet to keep this #turtlerace going.
All I know is I'm still a #videogamestreamer.

tl;dr I set conditionals to determine if I should extend the video game streamer pilot idea, and it succeeded.

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