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Happy 4th of July!! 🎇🎆

Since today is a national holiday and most of my international clients are on holiday as well (coincidence?), today is a low-key day for me. I'm feeling pretty good about the week's progress since I'm at 66% of my #minimumomentary, and I have some leads that I'm working on.
So, today is a day to work on the behind-the-scenes tasks, since I have 4 more days to get the remaining 34% (and more) I need. Really, I want to build my #piggybank back up, so I'd like to start doubling those numbers.
I've continued to be consistent with my Instagram posting, so I'm going to continue to see if this strategy is effective for finding potential clients.

tl;dr I've made 66% of my minimum monetary, and I've got 4 days left to meet my conditional. Today is a holiday, though, so I'll be working on the behind the scenes until the fireworks go off.

Author Bree Weber Published 7/4/2018, 2:26:14 PM Permalink

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