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Heyoo! I met a #conditional. Yup, already! ☺️
The last two weeks I also met conditionals on Tuesday, so maybe there's something special about Tuesday. Tasty Tuesday? Tip Tuesday? I don't know, but it's cool with me.
    βœ…Monetary – 1688 PigPoints
So, any other conditionals (popularity or engagement) will also be increased by their respective multipliers, if met:
  • Monetary – x1.5
  • Engagement – x1.4
  • Popularity – x1.3
It seems like I've been meeting conditionals fairly easily as a #contentwriter, which has me wondering if I'll eventually scale up to a point that I plateau, or if this #pilotidea is meant to be.
Onwards and upwards! 🐽✈️

tl;dr I met a monetary conditional... again... on a Tuesday... again. Is the universe bamboozling me? Stay tuned, because I'm not sure.

Author Bree Weber Published 4/10/2018, 6:42:59 PM Permalink

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