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I stayed on my twitch stream for about an extra hour because...
  1. it was a lot of fun
  2. I met a conditional!
I had a lot of great engagement aka people were chatting both with me and other people which was awesome. Someone in the chat mentioned how the community for Diablo (the game I was playing) is small, but super friendly and chill – I definitely agree.
At the height, I had 9 viewers on my stream and ended the night with 11 total followers! So hooray! #conditional met 🎊
I'm going to extend this #pilotidea until the end of this week. I'll be back tomorrow to post a new update about the revsied conditionals I'll need to meet to keep this #turtlerace going.
All I know is I'm still a #videogamestreamer.

tl;dr I set conditionals to determine if I should extend the video game streamer pilot idea, and it succeeded.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/7/2018, 12:58:25 AM Permalink

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