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As I mentioned in my last post, the path point to #PigPoints conversion is based on anticipated average results from each platform. That means if I swap a #platform for another, the conversion will also change.
As an example, I've already discovered that #Wittypen is not a good option for me. While I didn't find any information on their website that would exclude international writers from using their platform, after going through the application process and being accepted, I found out that they cannot support international payments.
So, I'm already on the hunt for a new platform to replace Wittypen, so I can keep pushing towards 500 PigPoints as a #contentwriter.

tl;dr I've already discovered that Wittypen is a poor platform for international writers. It's time to replace it with a better suited one.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/21/2018, 4:35:31 PM Permalink

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