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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm getting a little nervous about this week's #conditionals.
Despite #streaming more this week than I have any other, I'm not making as much progress. I'm close to meeting the follower condition, which is awesome! I've had so many fun, new and interesting people stumble upon my stream. But I need to meet two conditionals this week.
I've been getting great viewership as well. Streaming 10 hours a day means it fluctuates a lot, but I'm seeing double digits more and more often. Unfortunately, it hasn't jumped up to my last conditional let alone 20 viewers.
Of course, tips and donations are the most challenging. I received a tip from a super cool viewer during my 24 hour stream and was totally floored and amazed that it really can happen. But perhaps, money only comes from special events like a #24hourstreamathon.
I've had 8 votes on the poll and even though it doesn't close for another couple hours today, it looks like I'll be streaming the season from 0-70 tonight. I hope that qualifies as a special event to bring some new folks to my channel.
Conditionals aside, I think I'm growing a bit of a community in my channel. I've got some regulars who stop by, a couple jokes that haven't died yet, and people are participating more and more in chat. This is the part that really motivates me and makes it easy to keep going.

tl;dr Not sure if I'll meet conditionals this week and I'm getting nervous.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/23/2018, 12:21:57 PM Permalink

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I'm pretty stoked that I've made it this far in my stream 10 hours a day for a week challenge.
In fact, yesterday I didn't even realize I had hit my goal until a couple hours later. I ended up #streaming for over 12 hours!
I spent most of the day playing Diablo to enjoy the double goblins they were offering, and I leveled up my character a ton.
Today, I'm going to play a few different games, mostly because it looks like the poll is favoring streaming the Diablo season, and I don't want to burn out. But, the poll doesn't close for another day and half, so, we'll see.

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It's only hump day and this week has already been a challenge!
Streaming 10 hours a day every day is tiring to see the least. I started at the beginning of this week which is a typically slow time for #streaming. Since today is the beginning of the weekend (we all know we're just waiting for Friday at this point), I'm excited to see if things pick up!
I'm also testing out different ways to engage with followers and viewers. I've done #contests, competitions, and now I'm running a poll for folks to vote on what I should stream this weekend.
With all the additional streaming, I haven't been posting to social media as much, which is my goal for today. Post to Reddit, post to Twitter, post to Instagram.

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I've been basking in the glow of new followers, tips, and awesome stream chats, so it's hard to be sure if I'm just enjoying the fruits of my labor or wearing rose-colored glasses. What's missing? What's next?
I feel like I've been working hard, but I also have this inkling that I need to kick it up a notch if I want to truly excel.
How much growth is good growth? How much growth is enough growth? How much growth is even realistic?
Every time I feel like I hit a wall, I've been able to push through and accomplish something I deemed challenging; most of the time it feels almost easy and downright fun, too! Why am I still expecting everything to be nearly impossible?
I know that I personally benefit from having structure, that's probably why the conditionals have been simple and straight-forward to implement. So, I need to create a structure for the other aspects that I consider a part of success: #communitybuilding and #gamergrowth (in both knowledge and skill).
It's natural to #plateau in both of these areas, but in an effort to avoid stagnation in the future, I'm developing a schedule for myself in the present.
  • Participate in #reddit gaming communities daily
  • Post 5 #instagram updates each week
  • Play new games and challenge myself on games I know – both on stream and offline
  • Start playing with people at various levels (I'll miss you bots! 🤖)
  • Connect with other streamers to chat, learn and collaborate
This, of course, is all in addition to my regular #streaming, so I'm essentially adding more work time to my life. My goal is to improve as a gamer, get connected to existing communities, and grow my own community of awesome people.

tl;dr I'm doing great (I think), but I still need to up my game (pun intended 😆)

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Hour 10.5, making progress while #streaming #supermeatboy and loving the soundtrack. Be sure to stop by and watch the stream during the #24hourgameathon.

tl;dr Super Difficult Game

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I've been playing more #videogames than I ever have, and I'm actually really enjoying it!
I'm pretty tired so #sleepygrammar all over this thing.
As I've learned more about streaming and the #videogamecommunity, I've realized that I set my conditionals a bit too arbitrarily. So, it's a bit late in the game, but this whole thing is about failing and trying new things, so I'm revising them.
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Reach 10 followers
  3. Receive $5 in donations/tips
I'm about half way to the first two, so I'm curious to see what will happen in the next few hours. If I don't achieve any of the conditionals, I'm on the to next #pilotidea
I'll #streaming until midnight on twitch

tl;dr I've changed my conditions, but there's only 3 hours left 😬

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