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I missed a conditional
I'm definitely feeling bummed that this one week put me behind on my #goals so much so that I missed a #conditional. I #streamed for about 30 hours (and gamed for another 15) last week, but didn't make the gains I anticipated.
One silver lining is that I experienced my first week of bits and cheering. This was a completely new concept to me, but I really did feel cheered and motivated! Clearly, Twitch, has a super cool pysch consult.
I'm taking my weekend – the first in over 3 weeks – to regroup. I used up my one and only allowance for the entire quarter, so whatever happens next week determines if I move on to a new #pilotidea and leave #videogamestreaming behind.
My working theory is threefold: first is that I'm really tired (Pig Pilots is hard work!) and my stream content quality is suffering as a result. Secondly, I'm not as chatty and personable as I normally am because I'm focused on improving my game. And lastly, I do think the tech issues I discovered at the end of the week put a damper on things.
Clearly I need to rest up, practice up and get this tech sorted. So, I'm off to rest and recover and probably play a bit offline, so I can come back all shiny and new.

tl;dr I missed a conditional, which means this next week determines whether or not I continue video game streaming

Author Bree Weber Published 3/5/2018, 11:03:48 AM Permalink

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Last week I #streamed for 50 hours!
This week, I'm streaming far less but still #gaming about the same amount, if not more.
I was able to learn a ton about gaming and streaming all at once by playing new games and learning them on stream. Now, it feels like my channel is hitting a plateau – probably a natural one – so I need to spend just as much time preparing and practicing as I do actually streaming.
Initially, this will mean I'm less available to my viewers. But my #goal is that each stream is better, because there is #improvement between every single session. Aka quality over quantity.

tl;dr I'm streaming less and practicing more in order to improve my skills as a gamer and enhance my channel as a streamer

Author Bree Weber Published 3/2/2018, 1:43:35 PM Permalink

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