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Want to start from the beginning?

I've changed everything

I've been feeling for a while that my system for monitoring my progress on #minigoals and #conditionals was not quite robust enough. I've complained about it a few times like when I said it was forcing me to choose between money and fame from as far back as April.
So, it's been a long time coming, but I did it! I have a new conditional system.

There are a couple really big changes. Probably the biggest two are:

  1. 🚫 There is no more engagement conditional
  2. 🚫 There is no more popularity conditional
Say what!!!
Yup! I just celebrated my 3 month anniversary as a #contentwriter! #Popularity and #engagement are no longer my focus. I need to scale this #pilotidea into a full-blown business. What does that entail?

Well, first of all, like literally every other successful business on the planet, I need to earn a profit.

There is no second of all.
Everything else that we #entrepreneurs focus on like branding, marketing, networking, productivity, sales funnels, pipelines, etc. is just strategies and channels that we are using in the hopes that it will bring in revenue that exceeds our expenses and taxes. So, yeah, #profit.

The other big change I've introduced is a Piggy Bank 🐷

So, it's no longer about #success or #failure, because I've just spent 12 weeks proving that I can not only succeed every single week, but grow tremendously (minimum 50% #growth every week!).
Instead, every time I exceed my #minimummonetary, I add that excess amount into my Piggy Bank. If I don't meet my minimum monetary, I subtract the difference (between my goal and what I actually earned) from my #PiggyBank balance.
It works just like a profit and loss statement. As long as I have bank in my bank, I continue to push forward and grow this business. If my #bankbalance goes negative, I re-roll with a new pilot idea.
Yup, scary as hell!.
But it also reflects the reality we all live in. If you #invest in yourself, build a #business, and turn a profit, great! But if you take all the same steps and go broke or into debt, you close up shop and move on.

I'm also piggy-backing Bonus Bucks onto the Piggy Bank (get it? πŸ˜‚)

When I exceed my minimum monetary by more 10%, I pay myself a bonus of 10% of that excess called Bonus Bucks. If the next week, I exceed by 20%, then the #BonusBucks are equal to 20% of that excess. Every week, the Bonus % increases for as long as I'm on a streak. Miss a week, and reset.
Bonus Bucks help me to increase my Piggy Bank when I'm doing really well and help me offset the weeks (or months πŸ˜”) that are slow. Or, ya know, if I just want to take a vacation. I can use my Piggy Bank balance as a buffer.

I'm really excited about this change and to see what happens this week! 😬

tl;dr I changed my entire conditionals system. I've dropped engagement and popularity altogether. It's all about monetary for business success, which is why I brought in Piggy Bank (to track how I can surpass my goals) and Bonus Bucks for doing really well. It's not about success or failure each week. Now, it's all about keeping my bank balance in the green.

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I've been playing more #videogames than I ever have, and I'm actually really enjoying it!
I'm pretty tired so #sleepygrammar all over this thing.
As I've learned more about streaming and the #videogamecommunity, I've realized that I set my conditionals a bit too arbitrarily. So, it's a bit late in the game, but this whole thing is about failing and trying new things, so I'm revising them.
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Reach 10 followers
  3. Receive $5 in donations/tips
I'm about half way to the first two, so I'm curious to see what will happen in the next few hours. If I don't achieve any of the conditionals, I'm on the to next #pilotidea
I'll #streaming until midnight on twitch

tl;dr I've changed my conditions, but there's only 3 hours left 😬

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#sleepygrammar all over this post:
Being a streamer is a form of entertainment.
You need to put your personality on front and center. Just zoning out and playing the game doesn't work. Think about it, if you're going to see someone perform, you want them to engage with you. Most streamers that do well interact with those watching and create a form of participation.
It's super easy to get tired from the interaction/performance element.
I thought playing the #videogames would be the hardest part. Nope! It's being both authentic as yourself while simultaneously being the most extroverted, outgoing version of yourself in a way that is interesting and accessible.
My head hurts just thinking about all the things #behindthescenes
I played a total of 6 hours of games today. I've never done that in my life.
If anything, #pigpilots is allowing/forcing me to do all those things I've never done before.
And I just saw that I got my first - absolute stranger – #follower on Twitch!!!

tl;dr Video games are easy. Performance is the tough/tiring/trying part.

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There is a whole lotta stuff that goes on behind the scenes just to get ready to live stream a video game nowadays. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface.
I'm still working towards a debut #livestreaming session this afternoon/tonight as a #videogamestreamer since that seems to be a pretty essential part of the process.
So, everything won't be completely set up or perfect, but action is my top priority and I feel like I haven't done anything real with this yet.
Find me on twitch

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Looking over my past posts, I've noticed a #trend.
There are a lot of typos, spelling errors and grammatical faux pas – mostly on my early morning and late night posts.
Clearly, I'm attempting to type without the influence of much-needed coffee.
I have been going back in and editing those posts to ensure that I look professional and literate. But, that takes time away from each #pilotidea
So, I'm going to stop doing that. (Ugh, that hurts to type)
I will be leaving all my errors out there for everyone to see 😣 and simply tagging those posts with #sleepygrammar

tl;dr New tag = sleepygrammar

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