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I've already hit a pretty serious roadblock with #goldenyearsuniversity πŸ˜”
I suspected that there could be some existing resources providing services to senior citizens that among others include technology, but there is a whole ton. And they all do it for free.
This includes free classes hosted by local libraries, online courses from the likes of AARP, and even senior citizens offering to train other senior citizens from the comfort of their own home for as little as $10 a lesson.
There really isn't much of a market left to fill a niche, and the expectation of the target market would be that those services would be free or almost free. This means that Golden Years University fails to pass the #profittest even though I know I would have enjoyed doing videos and 1on1 lessons.
In my research, I had to decide between what was going to be a challenge and what was going to be a firm no-go. Pig Pilots is about finding a clear open entry point, not fighting my way into the end of a mile-long line.
Whenever I get excited about an idea (like all of these ones) I'm quick to jump into the planning stage. What will the logo look like? How can I structure the services? Should I market through videos? etc. This is all great questions to consider, but not if there's no possibility for the business to begin with.
So, I'm glad I started with #GYU and that this first business idea was not a definite option. It reminds me why I've structed Pig Pilots the way that I have.
I am putting all of these ideas to the test to find the one that lasts, without spending a fortune (in time, money, resources, energey) on the ones that don't work.
On to the next one πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

tl;dr The market for senior citizens learning technology has already been tapped by those offering resources for free. And that’s a good thing.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/23/2018, 2:20:25 PM Permalink

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