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Since every Pig Pilots has #conditionals to meet in order to extend the #pilotidea, and I am now a #contentwriter, I've got new mini-goals to meet.
Content Writer Conditionals
As a reminder, conditionals drop off the mini-goal list when achieved, and can't be reactivated until a monetary conditional is met, which reactivates all conditionals:
  • Monetary = 500 PigPoints
  • Engagement = 500 PigPoints
  • Popularity = 500 PigPoints
For previous pilot ideas, the conditionals system has been pretty straight forward since I was only using a single platform. But as a content writer, I'm using multiple #paths to promote myself and get hired.
Is a Reddit upvote equal to a Twitter like equal to an Upwork bid?
No, which is why I need a #pointsystem to easily convert actions and results from various paths into equivalent values.
Enter PigPoints™
Every path has a formula so that I can convert it's results (#pathpoints) into #PigPoints. The most simple and straight forward conversion is money:
  • $0.01 = 1 PigPoint
Popularity and Engagement each have multiple paths (which I've limited) to 5, so every platform has a unique breakdown.
Popularity Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 post point = 7 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 like/reply/retweet = 50 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 view/click = 70 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 casting call/crowd order = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 invite = 175 PigPoints
Engagement Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 PM = 175 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 DM = 350 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 message = 175 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 solo/love list = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 star rating = 70 PigPoints
For all of the Engagement actions, the content of the PM, DM, or message has to be on track to possible gig. That might be a query for more info about my writing experience, requesting details on the topics I cover, or asking how much I charge for a project.
The path point to PigPoints conversion is based on anticipated average results from each platform. Since, it's already mid-week, I've got a way to go to 500 PigPoints!

tl;dr A new pilot idea means new conditionals. Since I'm using multiple paths, I've created a universal point system, PigPoints, to track my progress.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/21/2018, 4:16:32 PM Permalink

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