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I've been basking in the glow of new followers, tips, and awesome stream chats, so it's hard to be sure if I'm just enjoying the fruits of my labor or wearing rose-colored glasses. What's missing? What's next?
I feel like I've been working hard, but I also have this inkling that I need to kick it up a notch if I want to truly excel.
How much growth is good growth? How much growth is enough growth? How much growth is even realistic?
Every time I feel like I hit a wall, I've been able to push through and accomplish something I deemed challenging; most of the time it feels almost easy and downright fun, too! Why am I still expecting everything to be nearly impossible?
I know that I personally benefit from having structure, that's probably why the conditionals have been simple and straight-forward to implement. So, I need to create a structure for the other aspects that I consider a part of success: #communitybuilding and #gamergrowth (in both knowledge and skill).
It's natural to #plateau in both of these areas, but in an effort to avoid stagnation in the future, I'm developing a schedule for myself in the present.
  • Participate in #reddit gaming communities daily
  • Post 5 #instagram updates each week
  • Play new games and challenge myself on games I know – both on stream and offline
  • Start playing with people at various levels (I'll miss you bots! 🤖)
  • Connect with other streamers to chat, learn and collaborate
This, of course, is all in addition to my regular #streaming, so I'm essentially adding more work time to my life. My goal is to improve as a gamer, get connected to existing communities, and grow my own community of awesome people.

tl;dr I'm doing great (I think), but I still need to up my game (pun intended 😆)

Author Bree Weber Published 2/13/2018, 4:17:34 PM Permalink

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