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Want to start from the beginning?

New #platforms = new formulas. Here are the #PigPoints™ breakdown for #contentwriter:
Monetary Conditional
  • $0.01 = 1 PigPoint™
Popularity Conditional
  • Fiverr views/favorites = 14 PigPoints™
  • Medium views/reads/shares= 14 PigPoints™
  • Alignable views/clicks/likes/connections/follows/comments = 25 PigPoints™
  • Slack likes/reactions/comments = 50 PigPoints™
  • LinkedIn likes/views/shares 14 PigPoints™
Engagement Conditional
  • Fiverr queries about more info, hiring, etc = 175 PigPoints™
  • Medium claps/follows = 70 PigPoints™
  • Alignable product & service like/share + message re: paid project = 175 PigPoints™
  • Slack DMs re: paid projects = 175 PigPoints™
  • LinkedIn messages re: paid projects = 175 PigPoints™

tl;dr I've updated my platforms (again), so here's the latest breakdown on conditionals.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/28/2018, 2:28:59 PM Permalink

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I met a monetary conditional!
I received an order on Fiverr over the weekend, which brings in 500 #PigPoints™ aka the exact amount needed to meet a monetary #conditional.
So, all conditionals are reactivated for this next week, but the monetary and popularity conditionals have a multiplier applied:
  • monetary x 1.5 = 750 PigPoints™
  • popularity x 1.3 = 650 PigPoints™
  • engagement 500 PigPoints™

tl;dr I met my 2nd conditional this week, and it's monetary; that means all conditionals are reactivated for next week.

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I met my first #contentwriter #conditional! 🎉🤩🎊
I earned over 500 #PigPoints™ in #Popularity from #Fiverr
  • Each view or click = 14 PigPoints™
You can see that I didn't receive any impressions, clicks, or #views (let alone orders or cancellations) from the top three gigs, because I only created them earlier today.
I made a lot of changes to bottom 2 gigs listed trying to figure out what works and how to get engagement. Over the course of this week, after setting up the original gig details, I:
  • revised the description
  • recorded and uploaded a video
  • uploaded new, customized images
  • changed the pricing structure
  • changed the title
  • recorded and uploaded a new video
  • changed the title again
  • changed the description again
  • lowered the prices
  • reduced the turnaround time
  • changed the title again
  • changed the pricing structure again
Even so, there were some things I couldn't change.

Why do I look scared in the video preview image‽‽‽

I chose not to include impressions (number of times my "gig" shows up as a thumbnail) as a Popularity Action, because someone scrolling through a search page with my face next to a 100 others may or may not even notice me.
Initially, I chose to include clicks (from those impressions), but looking at my results, I realized that I'd be counting these numbers twice in my points calculation since they're technically included in views.
So, I've revised the Popularity Action conversion to PigPoints for Fiverr to:
  • Each view = 14 PigPoints™
In any case, 14 PigPoints x 43 views (24 from gig 1 + 19 from gig 2) = 602 PigPoints™
Since I needed at least 500 PigPoints, it's a #success! That means I extend this #pilotidea for another week, and the popularity conditional drops off until I meet a monetary conditional.
Since I have new platforms, I really need clarify the Engagement Actions for each platform, or find replacement platforms. All of which, I'll do before Monday!

tl;dr I earned PigPoints and met a conditional as a content writer. I changed up my approach a lot, including what counts towards PigPoints conversions. I'm extending my pilot idea for another week, but the popularity conditional drops off. I'll have to meet a monetary or engagement conditional next.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/23/2018, 8:25:58 PM Permalink

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This week has been a 5-day long failure.
The good kind... I hope.
Despite my constant paralyzing fear of #failure, Pig Pilots is helping/forcing me to embrace failure. Each #pilotidea only has a single week to show promise, which means I need to fail fast, and explore as many approaches as possible.
So far, as a #contentwriter, I've tested and dropped the following platforms:
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • WittyPen
  • IZEA
  • UpWork
  • LinkedIn
  • People Per Hour
They either didn't provide engagement, straight up lied to me (yes, I'm still bitter, WittyPen!), or the timeline to get moving is longer than the known shelf life of this pilot idea.
And, of course, the process of pitching to magazines, online publications, and blog-based websites moves quite slowly. Maybe I'll hear back in 3 weeks and be delighted to write the article I pitched this week, but maybe I'll be on to something completely different. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've got just 3 days left to get 500 #PigPoints™ (in a single category) with any of these platforms:
There's a problem with all of these though.
I don't have any control over what happens next. All of these platforms allow only the client to contact the writer, if and when, they have a project that would be a good fit.
You probably already know, I do not like not having control. 😩
Plus only one of these platforms – Fiverr – has any metric for popularity and engagement. These platforms are first and foremost, tools to find paying gigs. So, my options at this point are:
  1. Drive all traffic to Fiverr to build up popularity and engagement
  2. Badger my network for a paying gig
  3. Twiddle my thumbs and wait for something to happen
  4. Just start writing whatever and wherever the fuck I want
Clearly, 3 is a trick answer. Putting all my eggs in 1 basket is pretty contrary to the Pig Pilots concept. And I've never been one to enjoy spamming the internet. This really leaves #writing. This is a pretty core part of being a content writer, anyway. #solutions 🎊🙌🎉
Regardless of project or platform, getting other people's eyes on my work is my goal. I'm confident in my writing and the value I provide as a content writer. So, I'll be on Reddit, Twitter, Medium, and wherever else, #writingmyheartout.

tl;dr This has been a fail fast kind of week, but time is running out. If I don't find an approach that works, it'll be on to the next pilot idea!

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As I mentioned in my last post, the path point to #PigPoints conversion is based on anticipated average results from each platform. That means if I swap a #platform for another, the conversion will also change.
As an example, I've already discovered that #Wittypen is not a good option for me. While I didn't find any information on their website that would exclude international writers from using their platform, after going through the application process and being accepted, I found out that they cannot support international payments.
So, I'm already on the hunt for a new platform to replace Wittypen, so I can keep pushing towards 500 PigPoints as a #contentwriter.

tl;dr I've already discovered that Wittypen is a poor platform for international writers. It's time to replace it with a better suited one.

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Since every Pig Pilots has #conditionals to meet in order to extend the #pilotidea, and I am now a #contentwriter, I've got new mini-goals to meet.
Content Writer Conditionals
As a reminder, conditionals drop off the mini-goal list when achieved, and can't be reactivated until a monetary conditional is met, which reactivates all conditionals:
  • Monetary = 500 PigPoints
  • Engagement = 500 PigPoints
  • Popularity = 500 PigPoints
For previous pilot ideas, the conditionals system has been pretty straight forward since I was only using a single platform. But as a content writer, I'm using multiple #paths to promote myself and get hired.
Is a Reddit upvote equal to a Twitter like equal to an Upwork bid?
No, which is why I need a #pointsystem to easily convert actions and results from various paths into equivalent values.
Enter PigPoints™
Every path has a formula so that I can convert it's results (#pathpoints) into #PigPoints. The most simple and straight forward conversion is money:
  • $0.01 = 1 PigPoint
Popularity and Engagement each have multiple paths (which I've limited) to 5, so every platform has a unique breakdown.
Popularity Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 post point = 7 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 like/reply/retweet = 50 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 view/click = 70 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 casting call/crowd order = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 invite = 175 PigPoints
Engagement Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 PM = 175 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 DM = 350 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 message = 175 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 solo/love list = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 star rating = 70 PigPoints
For all of the Engagement actions, the content of the PM, DM, or message has to be on track to possible gig. That might be a query for more info about my writing experience, requesting details on the topics I cover, or asking how much I charge for a project.
The path point to PigPoints conversion is based on anticipated average results from each platform. Since, it's already mid-week, I've got a way to go to 500 PigPoints!

tl;dr A new pilot idea means new conditionals. Since I'm using multiple paths, I've created a universal point system, PigPoints, to track my progress.

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