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Want to start from the beginning?

Just launched 2 new services


As part of my plan to launch or pilot a new #businessmodel or revenue source each month, I created and launched 2 new services today. πŸš€ It's kind of like Pig Pilots 2.0!!
I spent about 5 days πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ planning and researching and thinking about what to call them and how to position them and what should go on a landing page β€” and then I remembered this is #PigPilots β€” so I just launched them.

Minimum Viable Product style

No marketing campaign, no landing page, and no more wasted time.
The first new service is copyediting. This one is fairly simple because I've already been getting requests for this kind of service, and many of my clients provide drafts as part of the initial content I ask of them. This month I'm testing out who the target audience should be, how to position the marketing, and how to price #copyediting.
The second new service is a brand messaging audit. The #audit is a bit more complex, because although I already provide content strategy and #messaging development as an inherent part of #copywriting, an audit is more of a one-off service designed to attract strangers.
So, I'm especially curious to find out how people will respond to this new service. Ideally, I'm thinking it will be a low-entry offer for potential clients who haven't worked with me and may still be taking a #DIY approach to their content, to test out working with me.

I've got a whole month find out!

tl;dr Today, I launched 2 new services (minimum viable product style). I'm piloting "copyediting" and "brand messaging audit" to see what kind of traction they get this month. Then, I'll decide whether to keep, expand, or replace them.

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It seems that I may have hit a plateau as a #videogamestreamer
After progressing each week, I upped the anti to meeting two (instead of one) conditionals this week. And as luck would have it, this seems to be the week that everything slows down.
Progress as of this post:
  • Reach 20 viewers (simultaneously) –> max viewership has been 13 this week
  • Attain 17 new followers –> have 14 new followers so far
  • Receive a sum of $7 donation/tips –> have not received any
I'm getting nervous because I've really begun to love streaming on #twitch and I actually don't want to roll the dice on a new #pilotidea. But, if #pigpilots has taught me anything it's that what feels impossible is, more often than not, absolutely possible.
So, I'm definitely not giving up. I've got about 2 more days to hit these two conditionals and I'm going to stream my heart out. See you there.

tl;dr It's getting down to the wire to hit these two conditionals and stay a video game streamer. I'm not giving up because the impossible is possible.

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#sleepygrammar all over this post:
Being a streamer is a form of entertainment.
You need to put your personality on front and center. Just zoning out and playing the game doesn't work. Think about it, if you're going to see someone perform, you want them to engage with you. Most streamers that do well interact with those watching and create a form of participation.
It's super easy to get tired from the interaction/performance element.
I thought playing the #videogames would be the hardest part. Nope! It's being both authentic as yourself while simultaneously being the most extroverted, outgoing version of yourself in a way that is interesting and accessible.
My head hurts just thinking about all the things #behindthescenes
I played a total of 6 hours of games today. I've never done that in my life.
If anything, #pigpilots is allowing/forcing me to do all those things I've never done before.
And I just saw that I got my first - absolute stranger – #follower on Twitch!!!

tl;dr Video games are easy. Performance is the tough/tiring/trying part.

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In this past week as a #musician, I've found that a great deal of the music industry is like book publishing – an industry I know intimately well.
The arguments for label vs indie are the same as publisher vs indie. The challenges and opportunities for indie artists are almost identical to those for indie authors. And the average income isn't too far off either. In both creative landscapes, only the ones that get big (like sold out stadium concerts big) are making great money.
Most are doing this on the side.
Most still have their day job.
All of this tends to validate my 19 year old choices. I told myself then that I couldn't be a composer full time, and so if I wanted to provide for my passion I needed another income avenue. The problem being that I didn't continue to play, compose or perform. So, what is it really my passion?
I'm not going to lie, I'm still not sure.
What I do know is that exploring music further is something I can (and want) do #ontheside. In evenings and on weekends, just like the other 90% of musicians out there.
But for #pigpilots, it's on to the next #pilotidea

tl;dr I'm about 75% sure I made the right decision 10 years ago. Now, for the next one.

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Today is the official launch date of #pigpilots. This is a pretty experimental approach to business. Each week, I will randomly select (using decision maker) a business idea (aka a #pilot) for a flight test (haha, get it? πŸ˜‚). Join in for regular updates and insights about this #pigtastic adventure.

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