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Over the last few days, I've been pruning and primping 💁‍♀️ my master list of #pilotideas
I've added in about 30 new pilot ideas and removed a total of 15 that no longer meet my requirements. If Pig Pilots gives me the freedom to stumble upon a new career or business venture (after a lot of hard work), then I want to be sure that I'm choosing one that provides the lifestyle I want.
My new minimum requirements to be added to the #masterlist are:
  • Able to work #remotely aka no on-site work required 👩‍💻
  • Can start it up as a business or work as a #freelancer ✍️
  • Little to no start up #cost required 💰
The lifestyle I want to design for myself is based around autonomy and freedom. So, it's super important that my work fits seamlessly into my non-work life. 🚣‍♀️✈️👯‍♀️
My idea of work/life balance is probably a bit different from the Average Joe or Jane, but being able to work from home, make my own schedule, and hit the ground running give me that sense of freedom.

tl;dr My master list of pilot ideas has a gatekeeper now. Pilot ideas must be able to be done remotely, as a business or freelancer, and with little to no start up cost.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/19/2018, 11:33:27 AM Permalink

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