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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm testing out an opt-in strategy

Opt-ins get a lot of attention for being an amazing way to #grow your audience β€” which is exactly what I want to do.
But of course, there are a lot of #strategies being touted as "the way to build/grow/etc."
So, I want to find out if #optins will work for me.

On January 15th I casually launched a marketing email list called The Copy Club

By "casually launched" I mean, I created a page on my website for people to sign up, added the link to my email signature, and included it as a link from my Instagram profile. And did nothing else at all.

7 people β€” including 1 stranger β€” have signed up in the last month

Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers.
Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers. So, I'm going to try to use opt-ins. My biggest concern about this strategy is that it will attract people who are just looking to get #free stuff before immediately unsubscribing.
So, instead of doing a free download of something for my lead magnet, I'm going to create a 5-day mini #emailcourse (for free) to see how it performs. I'm hoping that the increased time (without being too long) will do a few things:
  • Allow #readers to get to know me
  • Absorb the #content I'm sharing in bite-sized pieces
  • Encourage readers to reply to my #emails
  • Create a report with readers because they #engage

I'm launching my free 5-day mini email course on Friday the 1st

More to come as I track the stats.

tl;dr I want to test out a variety of opt-in strategies to find out if they can genuinely help me grow my audience digitally. I'm going to build a free 5-day mini email course and launch it at the end of this week, then track the stats to see how it performs.

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I've hit a 3-week streak! πŸŽ‰

Each week I'm feeling more confident about hitting my #minimummonetary, so I'm starting to shift my focus to surpassing it every single week as well.
The #challenge I'm facing now is an internal one.
How can I continue to #grow my business and expand my client list without it taking over my entire life? I want to work hard and #write a lot, but I don't want to let #stress creep in.
I don't want to spend every lunch hour working. I don't want to spend every week night burning the midnight oil. I don't want to sacrifice my weekends to #client work.
That simply means I need to make better use of my time during the day, and be selective about which lunches, evenings and weekends I work. Because at the end of the day, I really love what I'm doing – I just don't want it to be the only thing I'm doing.
I love other things, too.

tl;dr I've hit a 3-weeks streak with my minimum monetary. I want to keep the momentum going, but I'll need to be smarter about how I spend my time, so I'm not a 24/7/365 working machine.

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This week is all about #newbusiness. That said, I've just hit a new #milestone πŸ’Ž!
That's now a few milestones I've hit with #Medium, and it's encouragement for me to get back to the #platform. It's a great way for me to share my experiences and thoughts, but it's also a potential path to showcase my #writing and attract new clients.
So far, I've gotten a few successes under my belt:
  • βœ…Joined Medium's Partner Program
  • πŸ‘€ Over 3k views of my articles
  • πŸ’° Paid out for πŸ”’article
  • 🀩 Over 50 fans on 1 article
  • πŸ€“ Over 50% read ratio across all of my work
  • 😍 25 Followers & counting
I lost some #followers after retracting from the platform – which I totally understand because I would have done the same thing πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ – so I'm hoping to #grow that number again.

All in all, I'm exploring new ways to connect with potential clients

I've been incredibly lucky (if hard work + dedication = luck) to have had every single one of my clients who approached me for a one off project turn into a repeat client. 43% of my clients have signed onto retainer packages, and another 28% have expressed interest, which would mean over 70% of clients chose to make a long-term monthly commitment to work with me.
I want to keep growing 🌱, of course. I'm super excited to learn what pathways work, especially because as all the typical and suggested options fail (as they tend too) I'll need to get creative with my approach. I really ramped up my efforts on Instagram last week and am planning to continue exploring it into July. As mentioned above, I'm returning to Medium. But I also want to revisit some other platforms like LinkedIn and ClearVoice.
There were several platforms I disregarded in previous weeks because they didn't provide metrics to track popularity or engagement. While I'm still measuring those for my own interest, they are no longer #conditionals and therefore back on my radar. I'm curious to see what works out!! πŸ€”


tl;dr I've had a ton of success with turning colleagues and one off projects into long term clients, especially after launching retainer packages. Now, I'm focused on finding new clients to add to my list. 🀞 that Medium is a possible pathway.

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