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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm testing out an opt-in strategy

Opt-ins get a lot of attention for being an amazing way to #grow your audience — which is exactly what I want to do.
But of course, there are a lot of #strategies being touted as "the way to build/grow/etc."
So, I want to find out if #optins will work for me.

On January 15th I casually launched a marketing email list called The Copy Club

By "casually launched" I mean, I created a page on my website for people to sign up, added the link to my email signature, and included it as a link from my Instagram profile. And did nothing else at all.

7 people — including 1 stranger — have signed up in the last month

Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers.
Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers. So, I'm going to try to use opt-ins. My biggest concern about this strategy is that it will attract people who are just looking to get #free stuff before immediately unsubscribing.
So, instead of doing a free download of something for my lead magnet, I'm going to create a 5-day mini #emailcourse (for free) to see how it performs. I'm hoping that the increased time (without being too long) will do a few things:
  • Allow #readers to get to know me
  • Absorb the #content I'm sharing in bite-sized pieces
  • Encourage readers to reply to my #emails
  • Create a report with readers because they #engage

I'm launching my free 5-day mini email course on Friday the 1st

More to come as I track the stats.

tl;dr I want to test out a variety of opt-in strategies to find out if they can genuinely help me grow my audience digitally. I'm going to build a free 5-day mini email course and launch it at the end of this week, then track the stats to see how it performs.

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This week has been a nail biter 😬

It was a major challenge for a couple reasons. The primary being that my #monetary #conditional was above what I've been clearing most weeks. I thought I might need to rely on #popularity and #engage – or even use up my freebie week that I earned after the first successful month – but I also hadn't published any of my own #writing recently.
It surprised and delighted me, but I met my monetary conditional today!!
  • Monetary – 28,844 PigPoints
  • 🕐 Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • 🕐 Popularity – 3,141 PigPoints
I also made some pretty good progress with my #minigoals:
  • 🚫 I didn't publish a new Medium article, so this is carrying over into a new weekly goal
  • ✅ I sent in a submission to Entrepreneur 🤞
  • ✅ I submitted my pitch to The Spruce
  • 🚫 I didn't submit a new article to PopSugar, so this is also carrying over
  • 🚫 I also didn't pitch any hotels, but this didn't feel particularly useful/important since many hotels offer a comped stay in lieu of monetary compensation
I'm drafting up some bigger goals. Think less mini goal and more #massivegoals, because ::drum roll:: I'm coming up on 12 weeks! I'm getting closer to my minimum monetary conditional (where I stop multiplying and continue working hard) and I want to start thinking about where I can take this #business

tl;dr I wasn't sure if I'd make it since this was a big week, but I met my monetary conditional! I didn't make as much progress with mini goals, but I'm rolling them over and drafting up some new massive goals.

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