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I discovered last night that my twitch chat wasn't working – but only for me.
I've been talking a bit about how this has been a slow week. I didn't just mean viewers or followers. It seemed like chat had crawled to a halt as well. I thought it was just an off week, at least, until a mod asked why I wasn't responding to chat messages 🤦‍♀️
When I went back through recorded videos, I discovered that folks had been chatting and #engaging in previous #streams, but I never saw those posts come through on my chat dashboard. In fact, when I tested sending a chat in stream, everyone could see it except for me!
It seems to have been a browser related issue since I'm having more luck with some browsers over others, but I'm not entirely sure exactly what spurred the change. #Troubleshooting continues today.
I'm glad that what I thought was a complete and immediate dwindle in interest and engagement was partially attributed to this tech issue, but I also really hope no one thought I was ignoring them. 😳
I'll be back on stream today to see if I can complete one of my 3 #DOCs (drop off #conditionals). I'm closest to my weekly max viewer count, but if I don't achieve it, I'll need to use up my one and only #allowance for this quarter. 🤞
Whatever the case, #streamyourheartout

tl;dr I thought everyone hated me. I currently only have proof that my browser does aka Twitch chat was broken for only me.

Author Bree Weber Published 3/4/2018, 1:42:59 PM Permalink

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