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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm testing out something new

In addition to trying to bring in new clients, I'm going to start applying directly to #freelance #copywriting projects.
This isn't an avenue I've explored much before because I didn't want to work with just one client. But after doing a small amount of research, many of the #jobs I came across were actually for individual clients like entrepreneurs.
So, this week, I'll be applying to a couple different positions and see what the response is like.
All in addition to growing my #client list.

tl;dr I'm going to test out applying directly to freelance copywriting projects to see if this is a good way to grow my business and client list.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/18/2019, 10:31:37 AM Permalink

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Just launched 2 new services


As part of my plan to launch or pilot a new #businessmodel or revenue source each month, I created and launched 2 new services today. 🚀 It's kind of like Pig Pilots 2.0!!
I spent about 5 days 🤦‍♀️ planning and researching and thinking about what to call them and how to position them and what should go on a landing page — and then I remembered this is #PigPilots — so I just launched them.

Minimum Viable Product style

No marketing campaign, no landing page, and no more wasted time.
The first new service is copyediting. This one is fairly simple because I've already been getting requests for this kind of service, and many of my clients provide drafts as part of the initial content I ask of them. This month I'm testing out who the target audience should be, how to position the marketing, and how to price #copyediting.
The second new service is a brand messaging audit. The #audit is a bit more complex, because although I already provide content strategy and #messaging development as an inherent part of #copywriting, an audit is more of a one-off service designed to attract strangers.
So, I'm especially curious to find out how people will respond to this new service. Ideally, I'm thinking it will be a low-entry offer for potential clients who haven't worked with me and may still be taking a #DIY approach to their content, to test out working with me.

I've got a whole month find out!

tl;dr Today, I launched 2 new services (minimum viable product style). I'm piloting "copyediting" and "brand messaging audit" to see what kind of traction they get this month. Then, I'll decide whether to keep, expand, or replace them.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/6/2019, 3:52:20 PM Permalink

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Today is a big day in Pig Pilots' history

Today marks the most amount of #money that I've made in a single week – from #copywriting or any other #pilotidea. I'm talking more than double my #monetary #conditional.


I think it has at least a little to do with launching this #contentcoaching program in #alpharelease, and bodes well for seeing strong numbers next week (as long as I can keep generating interest).
For now, I think I'll take the weekend to celebrate!

tl;dr I not only met this week's monetary conditional, but exceeded it – by more than double. This is the largest amount of money I've earned in a week in Pig Pilot's history.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/18/2019, 11:52:47 PM Permalink

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