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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm testing out an opt-in strategy

Opt-ins get a lot of attention for being an amazing way to #grow your audience — which is exactly what I want to do.
But of course, there are a lot of #strategies being touted as "the way to build/grow/etc."
So, I want to find out if #optins will work for me.

On January 15th I casually launched a marketing email list called The Copy Club

By "casually launched" I mean, I created a page on my website for people to sign up, added the link to my email signature, and included it as a link from my Instagram profile. And did nothing else at all.

7 people — including 1 stranger — have signed up in the last month

Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers.
Obviously, I want to move out of the single-digits into some bigger numbers. So, I'm going to try to use opt-ins. My biggest concern about this strategy is that it will attract people who are just looking to get #free stuff before immediately unsubscribing.
So, instead of doing a free download of something for my lead magnet, I'm going to create a 5-day mini #emailcourse (for free) to see how it performs. I'm hoping that the increased time (without being too long) will do a few things:
  • Allow #readers to get to know me
  • Absorb the #content I'm sharing in bite-sized pieces
  • Encourage readers to reply to my #emails
  • Create a report with readers because they #engage

I'm launching my free 5-day mini email course on Friday the 1st

More to come as I track the stats.

tl;dr I want to test out a variety of opt-in strategies to find out if they can genuinely help me grow my audience digitally. I'm going to build a free 5-day mini email course and launch it at the end of this week, then track the stats to see how it performs.

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Today is a strategy day

I've been getting ahead on my #client work — which feels amazing. And as much as I want to lounge around in my PJs eating ice cream, I'm allocating that "extra" time to slightly more #productive tasks.
  • Thinking of new business #strategies
  • Creating #marketing #content
  • Going to the gym to work out
  • Attracting new prospective clients
I might even do my laundry!
But I don't want extra time to be only associated with household duties. I want to put that extra time — and energy — into #scaling my business.


tl;dr I've been getting ahead on my client work, which gives me more time to spend in my business doing things like attracting new clients, testing new business strategies, and creating new content,

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This is my 1st week of coaching!

This week begins the 1st week of the 12-week Kickass Content Coaching #program. I'm having my first calls with #participants, doling out homework, and reading their feedback about the enrollment process.
I've already discovered that keeping the calls to the 25-minute timeframe I've allotted will likely be a challenge.
People like to chat, especially when communicating via writing is a challenge. Some other things that I'm concerned about, but am keeping a close eye on:
  • Not receiving weekly #feedback from all the participants
  • Participants not being #honest in their weekly feedback
  • Participants burning out on doing their #homework
  • Participants not taking advantage of included #content review
  • Spending too much of my own time on program development
I think the last point will be the hardest, mostly because I'm so excited! So, I created another system. 😂

I've created "max minutes" for low priority tasks

I've set a #maximum amount of time I'm willing to spend in a single session, day, week or even month on particular platform, project, or task. The idea is to ensure I don't spend #time on things that (emotionally) feel like work, but instead actually channel that energy into the things that really, truly are work.


tl;dr I've started the 1st week of Kickass Content Coaching and I'm super excited! I know that I tend to spend extra time on things I'm excited about, even when I don't need to. So, I created "max minutes" to limit the amount of time I spend on low priority tasks.

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