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Banked a full month


This is a first-ever achievement!! πŸŽ‰

So, not only is this the highest amount I've #banked yet, but it's also just over a full month's worth of monetary #conditionals. Based on the way I've structured the Pig Pilot system, that means I could take a full month's vacation without breaking a sweat!
Of course, I want to keep building my #bank up even more. That means I need to keep surpassing my #minimummonetary and hitting bonuses. I've hit a streak of 3 bank bonuses in January, so if I can keep that going into February, I'll see some serious bonuses this month!


tl;dr I've banked a full month's worth of income β€” the highest bank balance I've achieved thus far! I could totally take a 4-week vacation now, but I want to keep building my bank up, which means more surplus weeks (above the minimum monetary) at higher amounts, so I can continue the bonus streak.

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This week is all about #newbusiness. That said, I've just hit a new #milestone πŸ’Ž!
That's now a few milestones I've hit with #Medium, and it's encouragement for me to get back to the #platform. It's a great way for me to share my experiences and thoughts, but it's also a potential path to showcase my #writing and attract new clients.
So far, I've gotten a few successes under my belt:
  • βœ…Joined Medium's Partner Program
  • πŸ‘€ Over 3k views of my articles
  • πŸ’° Paid out for πŸ”’article
  • 🀩 Over 50 fans on 1 article
  • πŸ€“ Over 50% read ratio across all of my work
  • 😍 25 Followers & counting
I lost some #followers after retracting from the platform – which I totally understand because I would have done the same thing πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ – so I'm hoping to #grow that number again.

All in all, I'm exploring new ways to connect with potential clients

I've been incredibly lucky (if hard work + dedication = luck) to have had every single one of my clients who approached me for a one off project turn into a repeat client. 43% of my clients have signed onto retainer packages, and another 28% have expressed interest, which would mean over 70% of clients chose to make a long-term monthly commitment to work with me.
I want to keep growing 🌱, of course. I'm super excited to learn what pathways work, especially because as all the typical and suggested options fail (as they tend too) I'll need to get creative with my approach. I really ramped up my efforts on Instagram last week and am planning to continue exploring it into July. As mentioned above, I'm returning to Medium. But I also want to revisit some other platforms like LinkedIn and ClearVoice.
There were several platforms I disregarded in previous weeks because they didn't provide metrics to track popularity or engagement. While I'm still measuring those for my own interest, they are no longer #conditionals and therefore back on my radar. I'm curious to see what works out!! πŸ€”


tl;dr I've had a ton of success with turning colleagues and one off projects into long term clients, especially after launching retainer packages. Now, I'm focused on finding new clients to add to my list. 🀞 that Medium is a possible pathway.

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I've changed everything

I've been feeling for a while that my system for monitoring my progress on #minigoals and #conditionals was not quite robust enough. I've complained about it a few times like when I said it was forcing me to choose between money and fame from as far back as April.
So, it's been a long time coming, but I did it! I have a new conditional system.

There are a couple really big changes. Probably the biggest two are:

  1. 🚫 There is no more engagement conditional
  2. 🚫 There is no more popularity conditional
Say what!!!
Yup! I just celebrated my 3 month anniversary as a #contentwriter! #Popularity and #engagement are no longer my focus. I need to scale this #pilotidea into a full-blown business. What does that entail?

Well, first of all, like literally every other successful business on the planet, I need to earn a profit.

There is no second of all.
Everything else that we #entrepreneurs focus on like branding, marketing, networking, productivity, sales funnels, pipelines, etc. is just strategies and channels that we are using in the hopes that it will bring in revenue that exceeds our expenses and taxes. So, yeah, #profit.

The other big change I've introduced is a Piggy Bank 🐷

So, it's no longer about #success or #failure, because I've just spent 12 weeks proving that I can not only succeed every single week, but grow tremendously (minimum 50% #growth every week!).
Instead, every time I exceed my #minimummonetary, I add that excess amount into my Piggy Bank. If I don't meet my minimum monetary, I subtract the difference (between my goal and what I actually earned) from my #PiggyBank balance.
It works just like a profit and loss statement. As long as I have bank in my bank, I continue to push forward and grow this business. If my #bankbalance goes negative, I re-roll with a new pilot idea.
Yup, scary as hell!.
But it also reflects the reality we all live in. If you #invest in yourself, build a #business, and turn a profit, great! But if you take all the same steps and go broke or into debt, you close up shop and move on.

I'm also piggy-backing Bonus Bucks onto the Piggy Bank (get it? πŸ˜‚)

When I exceed my minimum monetary by more 10%, I pay myself a bonus of 10% of that excess called Bonus Bucks. If the next week, I exceed by 20%, then the #BonusBucks are equal to 20% of that excess. Every week, the Bonus % increases for as long as I'm on a streak. Miss a week, and reset.
Bonus Bucks help me to increase my Piggy Bank when I'm doing really well and help me offset the weeks (or months πŸ˜”) that are slow. Or, ya know, if I just want to take a vacation. I can use my Piggy Bank balance as a buffer.

I'm really excited about this change and to see what happens this week! 😬

tl;dr I changed my entire conditionals system. I've dropped engagement and popularity altogether. It's all about monetary for business success, which is why I brought in Piggy Bank (to track how I can surpass my goals) and Bonus Bucks for doing really well. It's not about success or failure each week. Now, it's all about keeping my bank balance in the green.

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Here's what I'm up against for #conditionals this week:
  • Monetary – 8,546 PigPoints
  • Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • Popularity – 3,141 PigPoints
I'm also focusing on some mini goals that I think will help me achieve these conditionals.
  • Pitch to publications with open submission policies
  • Reach out to freelancers I trust for potential partnerships
  • Test out cold contacting potential private clients
I'll continue to add to this list as I determine what works and what doesn't, but overall I think #minigoals are the way to go.

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This is the second week in a row that I hit two #conditionals and not three. Engagement is starting to fall behind without constant posting of my own work.
  • βœ… Monetary – 5,697 PigPoints
  • 🚫 Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • βœ… Popularity – 2,416 PigPoints
On the upside, #contentwriter is officially the longest lasting #pilotidea in Pig Pilots history!

tl;dr Content writer is the longest lasting pilot idea in Pig Pilots history!

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2 #conditionals met this week!
  • βœ… Monetary – 3,798 PigPoints
  • 🚫 Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • βœ… Popularity – 1,858 PigPoints

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New week, new #conditionals. I've decided to maintain the current system for the remainder of April. That said, I'm still exploring adding in conditionals to track and measure #popularity and #engagement with private clients, as well as how best to structure a new #system.
But for this week, let's start with the increased conditionals:
  • Monetary – 3,798 PigPoints
  • Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • Popularity – 1,858 PigPoints
A success this week means that #contentwriter will be tied for longest lasting #pilotidea thus far, essentially one week from beating out #videogamestreamer. Content writer is already more monetarily successful and has achieved greater popularity and engagement than any other pilot idea in the shortest period of time.

tl;dr If this week is a success, I'll be tied with video game streamer for longest pilot idea. Content writer is already the most successful for every conditional type. But I'm still considering changing the system.

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I hit all three #conditionals again this week! πŸ€“

  • βœ… Monetary – 2,532 PigPoints
  • βœ… Engagement – 1,372 PigPoints
  • βœ… Popularity – 1,429 PigPoints

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Since starting this #pilotidea as a #contentwriter, I've explored over 20 different platforms to meet my #conditionals. Many lasted only a day and a select few have made it through each and every week thus far.
But as I start to evaluate this #system, I'm also evaluating my success so far. In looking at how I can grow #writing into a full time career, the answer doesn't lie in platforms. It is in cultivating relationships with private clients, working hard, and delivering good work.
The platforms give me a starting point, and (at times) some leeway. The system in general is meant to provide structure for success and clear metrics that measure that progress. So, if success lies in private clients, then I need to build in the metrics that clearly outline progress in that arena.
Here's where I'm at so far this week:
  • βœ… Monetary – 2,532 PigPoints
  • πŸ• Engagement – 1,372 PigPoints
  • βœ… Popularity – 1,429 PigPoints
More to come on system review and metric changes.

tl;dr In evaluating the PigPoints system, I am reminded that platforms are just a starting point. I need create metrics that outline success with private clients too.

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I met all three #conditionals again this week!
  • βœ… Monetary – 1,688 PigPoints
  • βœ… Engagement – 980 PigPoints
  • βœ… Popularity – 1,099 PigPoints
After putting together all of my milestones for this #pilotidea, I'm starting to wonder if my initial values for each formula were too high. Am I doing really well or have I just set up a system that is allowing me to succeed without merit?
So, this week, I'll be reevaluating to see if I need to adjust the system in anyway. To start off, I'm dropping the LinkedIn #platform for two reasons:
  1. The platform doesn't allow you view analytics broken up by dates, only all time
  2. I'm getting more engagement from external links than on-platform articles
So, I've got a new path I can fill!

tl;dr I met this week's conditionals, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm super good or the system is too easy.

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This week's #conditionals
  • πŸ’° Monetary = 1125 PigPoints
  • πŸ’¬ Engagement = 700 PigPoints
  • πŸ‘ Popularity = 845 PigPoints
Last week, I met all 3 conditionals, so all of them have been increased by their multiplier. Since I met a monetary conditional last week, all conditionals are back on the table.
Onwards and upwards! 🐽✈️

tl;dr All of my conditionals have been increased this week, but I can meet any 1 out of 3.

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This is my 2nd week as a #contentwriter and I'm still making a ton of strides! This is now my most monetarily successful #pilotidea, and I'm on track to meeting all 3 #conditionals in a single week!
Monetary goal to meet = 750 PigPointsβ„’
  • Fiverr – $8 = 800 PigPointsβ„’
  • Private client – $50 = 5,000 PigPointsβ„’
βœ”οΈ Total = 5,800 PigPointsβ„’ πŸŽ‰πŸ’°πŸŽŠ
Popularity goal to meet = 650 PigPointsβ„’
  • Fiverr – 33 views = 462 PigPointsβ„’
  • Medium – 42 views/reads = 588 PigPointsβ„’
  • Alignable – nada (dropping this platform)
  • Slack – 1 comment = 50 PigPointsβ„’
  • LinkedIn – got a late start, so nada
βœ”οΈ Total = 1,100 PigPointsβ„’ πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽŠ
Engagement goal to meet = 500 PigPointsβ„’
  • Fiverr – 1 query = 175 PigPointsβ„’
  • Medium – 2 claps/follows = 140 PigPointsβ„’
  • Alignable – nada (dropping this platform)
  • Slack – nada
  • LinkedIn – got a late start, so nada
❌ Total = 315 PigPointsβ„’
I am so close to meeting all three conditionals this week! I just need 185 more PigPointsβ„’ towards Engagement and I'm set!
About 72 hours left to make it happen! Onwards and upwards 🐽✈️

tl;dr This content writer pilot idea is now the most monetarily successful in Pig Pilots history. This week, I'm also on my way to potentially meeting all three conditionals! 72 hours to go!

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Since every Pig Pilots has #conditionals to meet in order to extend the #pilotidea, and I am now a #contentwriter, I've got new mini-goals to meet.
Content Writer Conditionals
As a reminder, conditionals drop off the mini-goal list when achieved, and can't be reactivated until a monetary conditional is met, which reactivates all conditionals:
  • Monetary = 500 PigPoints
  • Engagement = 500 PigPoints
  • Popularity = 500 PigPoints
For previous pilot ideas, the conditionals system has been pretty straight forward since I was only using a single platform. But as a content writer, I'm using multiple #paths to promote myself and get hired.
Is a Reddit upvote equal to a Twitter like equal to an Upwork bid?
No, which is why I need a #pointsystem to easily convert actions and results from various paths into equivalent values.
Enter PigPointsβ„’
Every path has a formula so that I can convert it's results (#pathpoints) into #PigPoints. The most simple and straight forward conversion is money:
  • $0.01 = 1 PigPoint
Popularity and Engagement each have multiple paths (which I've limited) to 5, so every platform has a unique breakdown.
Popularity Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 post point = 7 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 like/reply/retweet = 50 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 view/click = 70 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 casting call/crowd order = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 invite = 175 PigPoints
Engagement Breakdown
  • Reddit | 1 PM = 175 PigPoints
  • Twitter | 1 DM = 350 PigPoints
  • Fiverr | 1 message = 175 PigPoints
  • WriterAccess | 1 solo/love list = 175 PigPoints
  • Wittypen | 1 star rating = 70 PigPoints
For all of the Engagement actions, the content of the PM, DM, or message has to be on track to possible gig. That might be a query for more info about my writing experience, requesting details on the topics I cover, or asking how much I charge for a project.
The path point to PigPoints conversion is based on anticipated average results from each platform. Since, it's already mid-week, I've got a way to go to 500 PigPoints!

tl;dr A new pilot idea means new conditionals. Since I'm using multiple paths, I've created a universal point system, PigPoints, to track my progress.

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This past week, I did not hit a conditional.
That means, the #videogamestreamer #pilotidea is done, and it's on to the next.
I've taken the last two days catch up on #sleep and start putting together facts, lessons learned, and #insights from my 6 weeks as a video game streamer for Pig Pilots.
Specifically, as a video game streamer, here are the facts:
The Good
  • I was averaging 23% #growth
  • I #monetized in the first two weeks
  • I made affiliate status in 1 month
The Bad
  • Every time I took a day off, I lost momentum
  • As a result, I only took off 3-5 days each month
  • I streamed an average of 33 hours every week
  • I worked an average of 41 hours every week
  • Some weeks I worked 60+ hours
Some of my insights are less fact...
The Opinionated
  • Streaming changed my sleep schedule, which left me feeling exhausted
  • When I was tired I was less talkative, which negatively affected my engagement
  • Because of my streaming schedule, I spent less time on my social life
  • I ran 3 contests, but each had very little interest or engagement
  • People seemed to really hate my #conditionals
I'm going to continue to share facts and insights, including further thoughts on what I've shared above. I'll be re-rolling to determine my next #pilotidea Monday (3/19/18) morning.

tl;dr A run down of my life as a video game streamer. I worked hard and saw great results, but the rest of my life was impacted as a result.

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I discovered last night that my twitch chat wasn't working – but only for me.
I've been talking a bit about how this has been a slow week. I didn't just mean viewers or followers. It seemed like chat had crawled to a halt as well. I thought it was just an off week, at least, until a mod asked why I wasn't responding to chat messages πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
When I went back through recorded videos, I discovered that folks had been chatting and #engaging in previous #streams, but I never saw those posts come through on my chat dashboard. In fact, when I tested sending a chat in stream, everyone could see it except for me!
It seems to have been a browser related issue since I'm having more luck with some browsers over others, but I'm not entirely sure exactly what spurred the change. #Troubleshooting continues today.
I'm glad that what I thought was a complete and immediate dwindle in interest and engagement was partially attributed to this tech issue, but I also really hope no one thought I was ignoring them. 😳
I'll be back on stream today to see if I can complete one of my 3 #DOCs (drop off #conditionals). I'm closest to my weekly max viewer count, but if I don't achieve it, I'll need to use up my one and only #allowance for this quarter. 🀞
Whatever the case, #streamyourheartout

tl;dr I thought everyone hated me. I currently only have proof that my browser does aka Twitch chat was broken for only me.

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This is a longer post, so grab a latte or cider and settle in.
Let's start with celebrating, because, HOORAY! πŸŽ‰I hit two conditionals last week! I was getting nervous. But I stuck to my #streamyourheartout mantra and everybody came together. Seriously, the community that I'm getting glimpses of on my Twitch channel is the reason I met my conditionals.
I was super excited by everyone asking questions and getting involved in this conditionals business. And you folks brought up some really good insights – like math (whatever, I studied English) – that have me thinking about a new approach to #conditionals.
That's right, I'm changing up the conditionals structure
Simply increasing the number of conditionals that need to be met every week doesn't take into account things like reality. So, let's talk about reality.
Growth is often unpredictable. Sometimes it happens slowly and other times in spurts. The conditionals exist to encourage me to push my limits and try new approaches, not to make myself crazy by trying to grow everything all at once. So, they need some revisions.
Introducing Drop Off Conditionals
#DropOffConditionals aka DOCs (because we all love acronyms) will 'drop off' my conditionals list once they've been met. If there are no conditionals left on the list, the pilot idea fails.
You're probably thinking um, there's only 3 conditionals to begin with. I know math isn't your thing, but you're totally going to run out and fail. WTF?! There's a plan for that!
All 'dropped off' conditionals can be reactivated once I achieve a monetary conditional. I am trying to make this my job and life, after all, so there's no good in pretending money isn't a #priority.
Speaking of priorities, the DOCs will also be prioritized based on reality. Currently, my conditionals have all been equal, but I've broken them down into this priority list which now have a unique multiplier added once met:
  1. monetary conditional x1.5
  2. engagement conditional x1.4
  3. popularity conditional x1.3
Popularity is important because people need to know about you in order to grow. Engagement is more important because sustainable success prioritizes quality over quantity. Money is the most important because life.
What this means for video game streaming
This is my conditionals list for this week:
  1. Receive sum of $11
  2. Attain 24 new followers
  3. Reach 50 max viewers in a week
Let's say I get 50 max viewers and 24 new followers this week. The max viewer conditional will be multiplied by 1.3 (becoming 65) and dropped off the list. The new follower conditional will be multiplied by 1.4 (becoming 32), but will remain on the list.
Yup, only the lower priority conditionals get dropped off the list when multiple conditions are met. Unless, of course, the monetary conditional is met, and then everything is reactivated!
In the spirit of reality, I'm adding in an #allowance. I can miss one week of conditionals once every three months. Every once an while people do something else besides care about my pilot idea, like, ya know, take holidays. So #reality.

tl;dr I've revised my entire conditionals structure and introduced drop off conditionals

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I'm getting a little nervous about this week's #conditionals.
Despite #streaming more this week than I have any other, I'm not making as much progress. I'm close to meeting the follower condition, which is awesome! I've had so many fun, new and interesting people stumble upon my stream. But I need to meet two conditionals this week.
I've been getting great viewership as well. Streaming 10 hours a day means it fluctuates a lot, but I'm seeing double digits more and more often. Unfortunately, it hasn't jumped up to my last conditional let alone 20 viewers.
Of course, tips and donations are the most challenging. I received a tip from a super cool viewer during my 24 hour stream and was totally floored and amazed that it really can happen. But perhaps, money only comes from special events like a #24hourstreamathon.
I've had 8 votes on the poll and even though it doesn't close for another couple hours today, it looks like I'll be streaming the season from 0-70 tonight. I hope that qualifies as a special event to bring some new folks to my channel.
Conditionals aside, I think I'm growing a bit of a community in my channel. I've got some regulars who stop by, a couple jokes that haven't died yet, and people are participating more and more in chat. This is the part that really motivates me and makes it easy to keep going.

tl;dr Not sure if I'll meet conditionals this week and I'm getting nervous.

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Every week I set new conditionals I think there's no way I can make it, and then I do! In fact, this week isn't even over yet and I've hit two #conditionals.
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously) πŸ‘
  2. Attain 13 new followers πŸ‘
  3. Receive a sum of $7 donation/tips
So, in the spirit of continued #growth, it's time to up the anti. I'll be extending #videogamestreamer for another week, and from now on, I need to meet at least two conditionals.
Since I now have another extension, I need to revise the conditionals. Sticking with the formula already in place, I'm increasing the met conditionals by 1.3, with fractions rounding up.
  1. Reach 20 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Attain 17 new followers
  3. Receive a sum of $7 donation/tips
Let's see what happens!

tl;dr I met 2 conditionals, so now I'm changing success requirements to a minimum of 2 every week.

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Flight Crew Recruitment is now open
Every week, I'm working to meet new conditionals, which means I need to be constantly growing my #twitch channel as a #videogamestreamer. This week I'm working to increase engagement and followers. In order to do that, I'm streaming more, and making my streams more interactive. And what better way to do that than with a fun contest. Hence, this #flightcrew recruitment competition.
The winner gets to choose my next Diablo III seasonal character build and with a score of over 15+ points, choose my character's name.
How do you win? Invite friends, family and your dentist to check out the stream, follow my channel, and join in the chat.
Here's how to enter:
  1. Existing follower says hi +1
  2. New viewer becomes follower +2
  3. Existing follower invites new viewer + 1 (must be tagged in chat by new viewer)
  4. New viewer invited in rule 3 becomes follower +2 to inviter
The leaderboard will be regularly updated, and I'll be announcing the winner live (on stream of course) on 2/18/18 at 2am ET.
Head on over to twitch to catch the stream and get your name on the #leaderboard.

tl;dr Contest winner gets to choose my next Diablo III seasonal character

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Each week that I test a pilot idea, I'm analyzing my results to see if I'm meeting pre-determined #conditionals. For this past week, I was trying to meet:
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Attain 13 new followers
  3. Receive a sum of $5 donation/tip
I'm so stoked to have achieved a conditional again! This time I received tips and donations surpassing my $5 requirement. So, I'm extending this #pilotidea for another week and changing up the conditionals by multiplying met conditionals by 1.3:
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Attain 13 new followers
  3. Receive a sum of $7 donation/tips
When I started this #videogamestreamer pilot idea, I felt like a #gaming newbie who was testing the waters. But I've learned a ton about gaming and about streaming. Now, I need to focus on building my channel, engaging with viewers, and connecting with the larger #gamingcommunity.

tl;dr I met a conditional making this pilot idea the first to be profitable. So, I'm extending another week as a video game streamer and updating my conditionals.

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In an effort to make this as quantitative a process as possible (as opposed to qualitative), I'm throwing some math into this #turtlerace mix.
For every conditional met, I'm extending the #pilotidea 1 week.
For every conditional met, I increase the conditional by 1.3.
So, that means for the next week of #videogamestreamer, I need to meet one of the following #conditionals:
  1. Reach 15 viewers (simultaneously)
  2. Attain 13 more followers
  3. Receive $5 donation/tip
In the case of fractions, I'll be rounding up. Let's see what I can do in the next 7 days!

tl;dr I have new conditionals based on math

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