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Starting with what I know:
I studied music in middle school and high school with the ultimate intention of becoming a musician. I come from a musical family: my grandfather was a well-known and respected violinist before live bands were largely replaced with recorded music, my mother was a concert pianist, my father was a folk guitarist, my brother spent a few years on the trombone and I represented the winds with clarinet and saxophone.
I even went to college to study #music.
In fact, it was in college that I realized music might only be a passion and not the career option I had in mind. I didn't much fancy being a performer or a teacher, but instead wanted to be a #composer... but after doing research, talking with professors and interviewing real-life composers I kept getting the same line: "pretty much all composers just do it on the side, they're usually performers or teachers full-time."
So I instead persued music as a minor, and focused on my next passion: books. Gosh, I sure know how to pick lucrative careers 😉
Now, I need to look at music more objectively. How does someone become a musician professionally nowadays? What does it pay? How do you market yourself? What are the different career paths within music? And so on and so forth. And, I should probably dust off my #clarinet and see if I can muster up that old music memory.
If you are a professional musician or know someone, please send them my way!

tl;dr I used to be a musician, but decided not to persue it as a career in college. Now, I'm 19 years old again trying to determine if music is an option for me.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/23/2018, 4:21:53 PM Permalink

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