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Just like every other industry that's been "disrupted" #music has been democratized. It is easier than it's ever been to play, record, collaborate, and release music. Hooray for technology! 🎊
That also means, however, that there is even more #competition. I anticipated music to be a bit like #bookpublishing, and all the challenges I encountered there, and it is!
There seems to be a few major trends in music to make money:
  • merchandise everything
  • teach music lessons
  • crowdfund an album
  • ongoing donations/patronage
  • write/play/produce for other people/companies
All in all, it's still a freelancing gig. 💪

tl;dr With so much change in the music industry, so little has changed

Author Bree Weber Published 1/25/2018, 10:06:19 PM Permalink

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