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I'm struggling with Facebook

I know (deep down inside) that Facebook is not necessary to build and scale a successful business — at all.

But if you were to look out on the internet, chat to another entrepreneur, or read any marketing book on the market, they'll all tell you otherwise. So, it really feels like I need to be on #Facebook to grow my business.

The problem with that is I don't know a single business owner who has made a sale directly from Facebook.

Sure, they've had prospects contact them on Facebook Messenger.
Yeah, a Facebook friend responded to their latest post about a new offering.
Maybe even got some shares on a recent Facebook Live to new audiences.
... but most of the people engaging with them on Facebook are people they meet in networking groups, were already connected with, or that get referred to them.
Essentially, Facebook is just a platform. Everything that happens on the platform can happen over email:
  • Prospects can contact you via email
  • Your friends can respond to your emails
  • People can share your emails by forwarding them to their contacts
That doesn't mean email is the answer, either. That's just another platform.

It just means that sharing who you are, what you do, and what you offer is the necessary part of the process.

Facebook can speed up that whole process, though, right? A colleague of mine posted a poll to collect some market research on Facebook. She spent 5 minutes, and in less than a week had 35 responses. Contacting 35 people to send a personalized email will definitely take more than 5 minutes!
Do you hear me justifying?
I left Facebook for a lot of great reasons, but I still feel called to it. Not because I enjoy the platform or want to be on there personally, but because I feel like that's what works for everyone else's business — yes, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
It seems like that's where my audience is, and shouldn't I show up wherever my audience is hanging out? But it's also a #platform that drains energy from me, so shouldn't I only show up where I feel comfortable enough to connect with my #audience?


I think this just goes to show how #challenging it can be to eliminate emotions from the whole "running a business successfully and sustainably" shtick.
For now, I'm staying far away from Facebook.

#backtowork 💪

tl;dr I've been thinking about whether or not to return to Facebook (after "quitting forever") because it feels like I should be on the platform to grow my business. I have lots of emotional reasons to rejoin the platform, and lots of evidence-based reasons not to. It's still a hard choice 😂

Author Bree Weber Published 1/30/2019, 1:55:35 PM Permalink

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So... I just did a Facebook Live Video to talk about where I am in the process and how I'm approaching a new #pilotidea once it has been randomly selected.
I mentioned in the video that I'm feeling #frustrated today, but in replaying the video, oh man, do I look and sound stressed!
That's because I am.
I knew this would be hard and #uncomfortable, that each week and part of the process would be #challenging in its own way, and I'm kind of bummed I was right 🙃
Disclaimer: #cursing ahead
Okay, so, yes, today is a shitty day. And, no, I'm not filtering that out of my posts or updates. Because starting a business is #hard. Testing new ideas #sucks sometimes. The entire point behind sharing the process is to be #honest and transparent about what happens when you shake things up in your life. In my life, when I shake things up, I curse. Really, does any shake up resolve without someone yelling "What the fuck?!"
I don't feel better writing this out, but I do feel satisfied that this is what I'm actually, #honestly thinking and feeling.
This shit is hard.

tl;dr This shit is hard

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