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Want to start from the beginning?

I'm feeling a little out of sorts

I think it's coming from the #frustration that people are pointing to specific strategies as surefire solutions, when (really) none of them seem to be true.
It's really pissing me off. And it makes me think that I shouldn't be #trusting the business experiences that other people are sharing.
Maybe they're all exaggerated or straight up augmented to look better than the reality of what happened. Aka #lies.

Mostly, I feel uncomfortable that I don't know what the answer is.

And if research and using the experiences of others as resources is out... I'm just not sure what's left...
  • Trial and error
  • Shotgun approach to see what works
  • Do the #opposite of everyone else
I have a feeling this is where most business owners stop pushing. They hit a level that's #comfortable, and it's really hard to move beyond that, so they keep spinning their wheels or they just give up.
That won't be me.


tl;dr Been feeling frustrated for the last week or so about how to keep pushing to the next level. I feel like I can't trust the schemes that everyone else is following, because it's not really working for the majority. I'm not interested in a lottery solution, so I'm uncomfortable that I don't know what the answer is. All I know is I'm not stopping.

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Today is a strategy day

I've been getting ahead on my #client work β€” which feels amazing. And as much as I want to lounge around in my PJs eating ice cream, I'm allocating that "extra" time to slightly more #productive tasks.
  • Thinking of new business #strategies
  • Creating #marketing #content
  • Going to the gym to work out
  • Attracting new prospective clients
I might even do my laundry!
But I don't want extra time to be only associated with household duties. I want to put that extra time β€” and energy β€” into #scaling my business.


tl;dr I've been getting ahead on my client work, which gives me more time to spend in my business doing things like attracting new clients, testing new business strategies, and creating new content,

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The sickness got me πŸ€’

I know I tried to run from it, but it ended up taking me down. Thankfully, most of it was over the weekend, but my Friday and Monday were definitely interrupted by more than just sniffles.
I spent most of yesterday catching up, but I still have a busy week of ahead of me in order to stay on schedule. Of course, I'd really like to get ahead... just without getting sick again.


tl;dr I'm behind my ideal schedule after getting sick, so now I need to catch up on everything β€”Β without getting sick again.

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I woke up this morning feeling a bit under the weather πŸ€’

I'm pretty sure a cold is trying to take me down, but I didn't budget #time for that...
So, I'm throwing back Vitamin C chewables (yes, like a child) and sucking down tea, along with drinking as much water as my Brita can filter.

I also have 3 meetings over video and 3 deadlines to tackle today.

Like I said, the timing is not ideal. But I'm not bedridden and my brain still seems to be functioning at a majority percentage, so...


tl;dr I feel a cold coming on, but I have a lot of shit to do, so I'm trying to shoo it away with tea and vitamins. Hopefully it works because tomorrow is just as busy as today.

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This is my 1st week of coaching!

This week begins the 1st week of the 12-week Kickass Content Coaching #program. I'm having my first calls with #participants, doling out homework, and reading their feedback about the enrollment process.
I've already discovered that keeping the calls to the 25-minute timeframe I've allotted will likely be a challenge.
People like to chat, especially when communicating via writing is a challenge. Some other things that I'm concerned about, but am keeping a close eye on:
  • Not receiving weekly #feedback from all the participants
  • Participants not being #honest in their weekly feedback
  • Participants burning out on doing their #homework
  • Participants not taking advantage of included #content review
  • Spending too much of my own time on program development
I think the last point will be the hardest, mostly because I'm so excited! So, I created another system. πŸ˜‚

I've created "max minutes" for low priority tasks

I've set a #maximum amount of time I'm willing to spend in a single session, day, week or even month on particular platform, project, or task. The idea is to ensure I don't spend #time on things that (emotionally) feel like work, but instead actually channel that energy into the things that really, truly are work.


tl;dr I've started the 1st week of Kickass Content Coaching and I'm super excited! I know that I tend to spend extra time on things I'm excited about, even when I don't need to. So, I created "max minutes" to limit the amount of time I spend on low priority tasks.

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Banked a full month


This is a first-ever achievement!! πŸŽ‰

So, not only is this the highest amount I've #banked yet, but it's also just over a full month's worth of monetary #conditionals. Based on the way I've structured the Pig Pilot system, that means I could take a full month's vacation without breaking a sweat!
Of course, I want to keep building my #bank up even more. That means I need to keep surpassing my #minimummonetary and hitting bonuses. I've hit a streak of 3 bank bonuses in January, so if I can keep that going into February, I'll see some serious bonuses this month!


tl;dr I've banked a full month's worth of income β€” the highest bank balance I've achieved thus far! I could totally take a 4-week vacation now, but I want to keep building my bank up, which means more surplus weeks (above the minimum monetary) at higher amounts, so I can continue the bonus streak.

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Nobody cares about the website

After running this launch period for the alpha release of Kickass Content Coaching, I went back to look at the stats. Of course, these aren't entirely accurate because tracking never is and also because not everyone allows cookies. These numbers are all from Squarespace.

About 100 checked out my site between January 15 - January 30

You can see a bit of spike (15 views) on the day of launch, and most of the upticks were from the days that I really got behind the marketing. But there is an anomaly on January 29th... 🀨
Most of the traffic is from direct sources (probably my emails and sharing directly with people). There was a huge increase in traffic from Facebook β€” a platform I'm not using β€” which I believe came from peers who offered to share the link with their network.

I got 0 enrollments as a result of my website

And Instagram is worse

I use a free resource called Linktree to track who clicks on my profile bio link. Instagram brought a whopping 3 people to my website, and if we assume half were accidental clicks... well, obviously Instagram isn't bringing in traffic.
Most will say I just don't have the following, which grew from 75-125 during this launch period. But, even if I had triple my audience size, I don't think I would have seen results.
At least not the kind I saw from contacting people directly and sharing the program with them. Now, it's time to figure out how to scale that approach.
#didnotproofread #backtowork #instagram #website #squarespace

tl;dr The marketing channels people say are a MUST did pretty much zilch for my launch. In this case, it was the grassroots approach that worked, but I want to scale it for my next launch, so I can see bigger results without exponentially adding to the time involved for me.

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I'm struggling with Facebook

I know (deep down inside) that Facebook is not necessary to build and scale a successful business β€” at all.

But if you were to look out on the internet, chat to another entrepreneur, or read any marketing book on the market, they'll all tell you otherwise. So, it really feels like I need to be on #Facebook to grow my business.

The problem with that is I don't know a single business owner who has made a sale directly from Facebook.

Sure, they've had prospects contact them on Facebook Messenger.
Yeah, a Facebook friend responded to their latest post about a new offering.
Maybe even got some shares on a recent Facebook Live to new audiences.
... but most of the people engaging with them on Facebook are people they meet in networking groups, were already connected with, or that get referred to them.
Essentially, Facebook is just a platform. Everything that happens on the platform can happen over email:
  • Prospects can contact you via email
  • Your friends can respond to your emails
  • People can share your emails by forwarding them to their contacts
That doesn't mean email is the answer, either. That's just another platform.

It just means that sharing who you are, what you do, and what you offer is the necessary part of the process.

Facebook can speed up that whole process, though, right? A colleague of mine posted a poll to collect some market research on Facebook. She spent 5 minutes, and in less than a week had 35 responses. Contacting 35 people to send a personalized email will definitely take more than 5 minutes!
Do you hear me justifying?
I left Facebook for a lot of great reasons, but I still feel called to it. Not because I enjoy the platform or want to be on there personally, but because I feel like that's what works for everyone else's business β€” yes, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
It seems like that's where my audience is, and shouldn't I show up wherever my audience is hanging out? But it's also a #platform that drains energy from me, so shouldn't I only show up where I feel comfortable enough to connect with my #audience?


I think this just goes to show how #challenging it can be to eliminate emotions from the whole "running a business successfully and sustainably" shtick.
For now, I'm staying far away from Facebook.

#backtowork πŸ’ͺ

tl;dr I've been thinking about whether or not to return to Facebook (after "quitting forever") because it feels like I should be on the platform to grow my business. I have lots of emotional reasons to rejoin the platform, and lots of evidence-based reasons not to. It's still a hard choice πŸ˜‚

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I'm halfway through my launch period

I opened up doors to the alpha #coachingprogram, called kickass content coaching, on January 15th, and they close on January 30th.
That means I'm only taking applications for enrollment in the #alpharelease program during this time period.
It's definitely not for everyone, since you're basically agreeing to be a program tester and provide me with weekly feedback, but I did discount it about 90% for those who are game. 😎
So far, I've signed 2/5 total spots available. That's awesome for a first (ever) launch).
...but I want more. My goal is to completely sell out the spots and start a waiting list where people can sign up if they're interested in hearing details about the beta launch, which is happening in QTR 2.



tl;dr I'm halfway through the launch period for the content coaching program, and I have 2/5 spots filled. I want to sell out and start a waiting list, so I've got more work to do.

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It's been a really good start to the week!

I'm super excited because I've brought on a new client, and we'll be doing a few test projects together. As I've been saying, growing my client list is my major focus this month. This shows that a lot of my efforts in reaching out to potential clients is paying off!
I also had a handful of promising conversations with potential clients. Realistically, I don't expect them all to follow through, but I do hope that the trend of promising conversations turning into test projects continues!
I haven't met my #minimummonetary yet, but I have earned enough so far, that I'll stay out of the red.


tl;dr This week started off really well with landing a new client for a few test projects. I've had a handful of other promising conversations that I am hopeful will turn into more clients.

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This is a new week and I have some new goals.

They're kind of aggressive...

But, I want to exceed my #minimummonetary this week, so I need to be aggressive. My first priority this week is fulfilling my promise to all of my current clients. My second priority, however, is finding new clients, which is where my #minigoals come in.
  • Research and contact 10 new LinkedIn prospects each day
  • Submit portfolio and resume to 5 agencies each day
  • Pitch 5 buyer requests each day
  • Write custom content for a new platform each day of the week:
  • Revisit my daily Instagram strategy
The objective behind each of my goals is to ensure I'm spending time on creating content or connections that will lead to long-term clients.


tl;dr I need to be more aggressive in my approach if I want to exceed my minimum monetary conditional. So, I've set daily mini goals for myself to find new clients, create more content, and promote myself.

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I have a lot lined up for this week, but I'm not feeling super well today.

I really want to hit my #minimummoneary this week, since I didn't hit it the last two weeks. My #PiggyBank is feeling very empty right now.
So, today, I'm getting all my have-to-dos done, so I can focus on my want-to-dos tomorrow.

πŸ€’ #backtowork

tl;dr I don't feel well, but I want to accomplish a lot this week. I'm still working to meet my deadlines, then I'll be resting up for tomorrow.

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A few weeks ago, I was wholly unprepared to answer this question: "What would you do if your Piggy Bank dropped below 0, but you had the next 4 weeks lined up with payments that would hit your minimum monetary?"

A bit of a thought experiment, right?

At the end of last week, I decided two things.
  1. I wouldn't re-roll my pilot idea in that situation
  2. I need to revise my conditional system to reflect that
The goal of Pig Pilots is to build a business I love, but one that is also profitable. Because I know myself, I knew that I would need to work within a system that wouldn't allow me to make emotional decisions. This is not an emotional decision; here's why:
If a retail business is having a slow summer, but is lining up layaway orders for the holiday season, they don't shut down in September. They know they have business coming in, so they continue to work super hard all summer long to increase those orders or run promotions for back to school and Halloween in the meantime. This is the same thing.
I would actually lose out if I did re-roll, because the time it takes to grow monetarily (even at a stellar rate like I've done) would far exceed the one week it takes me to next meet my minimum monetary. Hell, it would take more than a month.

With that in mind, I've made another system change.

If I hit zero in my Piggy Bank, I'm not re-rolling. I'm instead going to give myself 4 weeks to get back to hitting my minimum monetary again. I don't want to drop dramatically though, so this only applies down to -$100 – no lower.
I'm just like that retail business. I'm not closing up shop unless all those layaway orders cancel or I can't bring in my minimum monetary for an entire month.


tl;dr I've made a change to my conditional system. If I hit $0 in my Piggy Bank, I'm not re-rolling. Instead, I'm giving myself $100 leeway and 4 weeks to get back to making my minimum monetary. If I can't, then I'll re-roll. But it doesn't make sense to close up shop if there's money around the corner.

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Today has been a hectic, crazy kind of day. I feel like I'm trying to cram 3 days of work into 1, which is evident by the fact that I'm still working at 8pm with hours to go.

That said, I don't think I've ever enjoyed my work this much.

I love talking with my clients about their business #goals. I love #writing pieces that tell their #story. And I love the feeling of #hustling for something that makes me happy.
When I first started Pig Pilots, I said I wanted the #pilotidea to fulfill 3 requirements:
  1. Profit
  2. Purpose
  3. Passion
So, let's zoom in on each one of those, because I think I've totally nailed it.
  1. Profit – This has been the most monetarily successful pilot, and I've reached my #monetaryminimum
  2. Purpose – Every client has become a repeat customer, which tells me there's a need for this work and the quality I provide
  3. Passion – πŸ‘†See above; even when it gets stressful and overwhelming, I am enjoying the process. It's not just about results, it's about the journey.


tl;dr Writing has fulfilled my initial criteria of providing me profit, purpose, and passion. I'm enjoying what I'm doing, my clients love my work, and I am seeing monetary growth. 😁

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This week is all about #newbusiness. That said, I've just hit a new #milestone πŸ’Ž!
That's now a few milestones I've hit with #Medium, and it's encouragement for me to get back to the #platform. It's a great way for me to share my experiences and thoughts, but it's also a potential path to showcase my #writing and attract new clients.
So far, I've gotten a few successes under my belt:
  • βœ…Joined Medium's Partner Program
  • πŸ‘€ Over 3k views of my articles
  • πŸ’° Paid out for πŸ”’article
  • 🀩 Over 50 fans on 1 article
  • πŸ€“ Over 50% read ratio across all of my work
  • 😍 25 Followers & counting
I lost some #followers after retracting from the platform – which I totally understand because I would have done the same thing πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ – so I'm hoping to #grow that number again.

All in all, I'm exploring new ways to connect with potential clients

I've been incredibly lucky (if hard work + dedication = luck) to have had every single one of my clients who approached me for a one off project turn into a repeat client. 43% of my clients have signed onto retainer packages, and another 28% have expressed interest, which would mean over 70% of clients chose to make a long-term monthly commitment to work with me.
I want to keep growing 🌱, of course. I'm super excited to learn what pathways work, especially because as all the typical and suggested options fail (as they tend too) I'll need to get creative with my approach. I really ramped up my efforts on Instagram last week and am planning to continue exploring it into July. As mentioned above, I'm returning to Medium. But I also want to revisit some other platforms like LinkedIn and ClearVoice.
There were several platforms I disregarded in previous weeks because they didn't provide metrics to track popularity or engagement. While I'm still measuring those for my own interest, they are no longer #conditionals and therefore back on my radar. I'm curious to see what works out!! πŸ€”


tl;dr I've had a ton of success with turning colleagues and one off projects into long term clients, especially after launching retainer packages. Now, I'm focused on finding new clients to add to my list. 🀞 that Medium is a possible pathway.

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I knew when I switched over to a more rigorous and business-focused #conditional system, that I'd need to deal with #failure more often. In fact, I specifically incorporated failure into my new system in order to deal with it more often. I know that learning to handle failure with grace is going to make me a badass entrepreneur who builds incredibly successful businesses.
But it's still hard πŸ™„
Most of us – myself included – have #emotional responses to failure. We think things like What mistake did I make? and How come I didn't see this coming. If we're not careful, that kind of thought process can turn into destructive thoughts like I can't do anything and I'm absolute worst – neither of which are remotely true.
So, this weekend, I'm focused on doing a few things (aside from continuing to work my ass off)
  1. 😞 Accept my failure because I didn't meet this week's conditional
  2. 😭 Process all that emotional stuff without getting negative
  3. 🀨 Shift my mindset and get into problem solving mode
  4. πŸ€” Identify at least 5 things I can do to ensure I meet my conditional next week
  5. πŸ€“ Start on those 5 things as soon as I finish up my client work


tl;dr This week is a failure, a concept I know I need to get better at processing, so I can get back to working hard. So, I'm trying to shift my mindset to problem-solving mode and start thinking ahead to next week.

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This week has been rough... πŸ™„

For new business, that is. I knew it would be a challenging week because I planned to take off Monday, and would be spending Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon traveling, effectively cutting 5 business days into just 3.
Of course, Saturday and Sunday are still at my disposal – and I plan to take advantage of them.
Last week, I had a rush of clients moving over to retainer plans, which was fantastic πŸŽ‰! That means this week, I need to continue to fulfill my promises, work hard, and meet deadlines. It also means I need to cultivate more relationships and convert more "maybe"s into "yes"s.
Traveling without regular access to my laptop – or even wifi – has made that super challenging. I know that my #piggybank πŸ’° can cover me if I need it, but I really don't want to #stagnate. I want to keep growing! 🌱


tl;dr This week is slow, mostly because I've been away instead of hustling for more work. So, it's back to work – in the evenings and on the weekends if need be – to find more clients and get more done.

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