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Since this week is going slower than I'm used to, I'm going to use this post to #reflect on how this #videogamestreamer #pilotidea is going. I can get some serious tunnel vision with #goals, but I've already made some pretty incredible headway.
Let's start with the #milestones 💎
  • February 02 – first stream
  • February 04 – first follower
  • February 04 – 5 viewers
  • February 06 – 10 followers
  • February 10 – 25 followers
  • February 11 – first donation
  • February 17 – 10 viewers
  • February 25 – 50 followers
  • February 28 – Affiliate status
  • March 1 – First cheer in chat
Yup, that's just 30 days...
So, while it's not unheard of to get these milestones in one month, it's simultaneously totally freaking #awesome. Being new to Twitch (and, really, to gaming, still) these are tremendous accomplishments already!
Now that I'm part of the 'middle class' of Twitch, this is where it is supposed to get hard. I'm transitioning my #channel from new kid on the block -> to -> hey, I'm staying for the long haul. If that part was super easy, everybody would be a #twitchillionaire.
This is the time to work harder and try newer, more different things. Let's do this!

tl;dr It's been 30 days since I started streaming, and holy cow, I've made some amazing progress!

Author Bree Weber Published 3/3/2018, 2:51:49 PM Permalink

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