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I'm getting a little nervous about this week's #conditionals.
Despite #streaming more this week than I have any other, I'm not making as much progress. I'm close to meeting the follower condition, which is awesome! I've had so many fun, new and interesting people stumble upon my stream. But I need to meet two conditionals this week.
I've been getting great viewership as well. Streaming 10 hours a day means it fluctuates a lot, but I'm seeing double digits more and more often. Unfortunately, it hasn't jumped up to my last conditional let alone 20 viewers.
Of course, tips and donations are the most challenging. I received a tip from a super cool viewer during my 24 hour stream and was totally floored and amazed that it really can happen. But perhaps, money only comes from special events like a #24hourstreamathon.
I've had 8 votes on the poll and even though it doesn't close for another couple hours today, it looks like I'll be streaming the season from 0-70 tonight. I hope that qualifies as a special event to bring some new folks to my channel.
Conditionals aside, I think I'm growing a bit of a community in my channel. I've got some regulars who stop by, a couple jokes that haven't died yet, and people are participating more and more in chat. This is the part that really motivates me and makes it easy to keep going.

tl;dr Not sure if I'll meet conditionals this week and I'm getting nervous.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/23/2018, 12:21:57 PM Permalink

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