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Today is a strategy day

I've been getting ahead on my #client work — which feels amazing. And as much as I want to lounge around in my PJs eating ice cream, I'm allocating that "extra" time to slightly more #productive tasks.
  • Thinking of new business #strategies
  • Creating #marketing #content
  • Going to the gym to work out
  • Attracting new prospective clients
I might even do my laundry!
But I don't want extra time to be only associated with household duties. I want to put that extra time — and energy — into #scaling my business.


tl;dr I've been getting ahead on my client work, which gives me more time to spend in my business doing things like attracting new clients, testing new business strategies, and creating new content,

Author Bree Weber Published 2/21/2019, 1:02:30 PM Permalink

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