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Yesterday ended the launch period for the alpha release of my Kickass Content Coaching program

The #launch period ran from January 15 to January 30. To enroll, someone would need to apply on my website, have a casual call with me for 15-20 minutes, and (if invited) sign a contract and pay the program fee.
I ran it this way to create a set period of time to concentrate these interview calls during a two-week period and ensure that all the #participants are getting started at the same time.
But I didn't hit my goal. 😔
In fact, because I created stacked #goals that depend on another goal, I missed the mark on more than one.
  • 🚫 Enroll 5 participants in Kickass Content Coaching
  • 🚫 Enroll at least 1 participant who I don't already know
  • 🚫 Start a waitlist after selling out 5 spots

What actually happened is that I enrolled 3 participants, all of whom I had a preexisting relationship with.

Why didn't I hit my goal?

I looked over my work and activities for this launch period, and I can pinpoint the exact moment I stopped working towards this goal.
I had created a list of friends and peers to email about this program. So many responded with kind words of congratulations and offers to share the details with their network. One responded with a curt "best wishes".
Or at least, it felt curt to me. In all likelihood, this person was busy or having a bad day or didn't full read my email or really was wishing me the best.
But it bugged me. It rattled around in my brain and I started wondering if I was being pushy or salesy or annoying reaching out to people. Was showing up in someone's inbox a form of bothering them?
This was just days into the launch period...
Both consciously and subconsciously, I reduced my efforts. I stopped emailing people except the few who had already expressed interest in knowing more and those who I confidently believed would respond positively.

Essentially, I short-circuited my own success out of fear.

When I finally recognized this falter in confidence and corrected my earlier mistake — 24 hours before #enrollment closed — the messages were:
  • Overwhelmingly positive
  • Excited for me and congratulatory
  • Interested, but needed more time
  • Offering to share with their network
So, I decided to double down on the positive energy and start the #waitlist for the next version's release NOW. I already have subscribers! 🎉

Although I didn't reach my goal of 5, I am thrilled that I enrolled 3 awesome participants!

Every single participant came from me showing up (in person, on the phone, and over email) and simply talking about this program. They each showed immediate interest and signed up on the spot.
I think if I hadn't let fear take over, I would have hit my goal because there was enough interest to drive more enrollments. And a big part of my plan in offering this as an #alpha release is to measure interest for this program, and answer the age-old question: is there a market for this offer?
Tomorrow, I'll recap my #marketing efforts to analyze what was time well spent, and what I can skip for the next launch.

tl;dr I closed the enrollment period for my Kickass Content Coaching program yesterday, and was 40% shy of my goal. In hindsight, I can see how I let the perceived negativity of others cloud my confidence and diminish my marketing perseverance. I didn't enroll my goal of 5 participants, but I did enroll 3 and have started a waitlist for the next launch.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/31/2019, 2:15:22 PM Permalink

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