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My bank is at an all-time high!!


I love that I'm kicking off 2019 with so many celebrations 🥰

The last 3 weeks have brought some major #monetary conditional weeks (including my highest earned in a week). So, naturally, I've started building my #bank up. 💰
I'm officially hitting some major milestones: 💎
  • Highest bank balance ever
  • Highest bonus earned in a week
  • Highest amount banked in a week
This also ties in nicely with my overall #2019goals around earning more #revenue and saving up in order to travel or take vacations without having to scramble.

All in all, great motivation to keep pushing!

tl;dr I achieved my largest bank balance, highest bonus earned, and biggest amount banked in a week. I'm excited to celebrate and motivated to break these records!

Author Bree Weber Published 1/28/2019, 11:10:41 AM Permalink

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