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I'm halfway through my launch period

I opened up doors to the alpha #coachingprogram, called kickass content coaching, on January 15th, and they close on January 30th.
That means I'm only taking applications for enrollment in the #alpharelease program during this time period.
It's definitely not for everyone, since you're basically agreeing to be a program tester and provide me with weekly feedback, but I did discount it about 90% for those who are game. 😎
So far, I've signed 2/5 total spots available. That's awesome for a first (ever) launch).
...but I want more. My goal is to completely sell out the spots and start a waiting list where people can sign up if they're interested in hearing details about the beta launch, which is happening in QTR 2.



tl;dr I'm halfway through the launch period for the content coaching program, and I have 2/5 spots filled. I want to sell out and start a waiting list, so I've got more work to do.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/24/2019, 11:06:50 AM Permalink

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