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It's been a really good start to the week!

I'm super excited because I've brought on a new client, and we'll be doing a few test projects together. As I've been saying, growing my client list is my major focus this month. This shows that a lot of my efforts in reaching out to potential clients is paying off!
I also had a handful of promising conversations with potential clients. Realistically, I don't expect them all to follow through, but I do hope that the trend of promising conversations turning into test projects continues!
I haven't met my #minimummonetary yet, but I have earned enough so far, that I'll stay out of the red.


tl;dr This week started off really well with landing a new client for a few test projects. I've had a handful of other promising conversations that I am hopeful will turn into more clients.

Author Bree Weber Published 7/18/2018, 11:42:23 PM Permalink

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