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I learned a lot last week.

I have a classic my eyes are bigger than my stomach approach when it comes to making my #minigoal lists. I want to do so much, but I need to be realistic about my timeblocks, because client work comes before finding more clients. Always.
So, I reviewed my rather ambitious list of goals from last week to see what I even had time for, what worked, and what did not. The results are this week's list:
  • 🕐 Research and contact 10 new LinkedIn prospects each day – this is a long game, because I'm not going to sell a stranger right out the gate. That said, I have gotten a few responses that might lead to new client relationships. I'm going to give this one another go and see how things play out.
  • ⛔️ Submit portfolio and resume to 5 agencies each day – I really didn't do much of this. In hindsight, I think it's because I really enjoy working 1:1 with clients. But you never know! Maybe I'll love the agency life. This is a low priority, but I'm not killing it ... yet.
  • 👎 Pitch 5 buyer requests each day – I'm pretty much 95% over using platforms to work with clients. I won't be submitting requests and pitches or anything of that nature to a platform that limits me from cultivating a long-term relationship with a client. This is off my radar.
  • 💪 Write custom content for a new platform each day of the week – Yes, creating custom content and promoting can be awesome! It's another long-game approach, but I did get some responses and positive feedback. I'm going to keep this up, but daily content is not possible with my client schedule. I think 3x per week – yes, still ambitious – is more realistic goal to aim for.
  • 😐 Revisit my daily Instagram strategy – I have cut back on my posting for this platform, because it hasn't yielded results. Again, another long game, so I'm not nixing it altogether. I'm going to continue to use it to share my published content and make connections with others. If it leads to client work – awesome, if not – I hope I meet some awesome people anyway.

Whew 😅 that's a lot!

The bottom line is anytime I'm not spending on my client work, I'm spending trying to connect with people who might be a good fit for my client list. If I want to start consistently exceeding my #minimumonetary, I need to double my current client base.

tl;dr Last week I created an ambitious goal list to hit my monetary minimum. I failed to complete most of my goals, but hit my minimum anyway! I've evaluated what worked and what didn't from my mini goals list to create a new and improved to-do list. Let's see what happens!

Author Bree Weber Published 7/16/2018, 1:19:19 PM Permalink

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