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A few weeks ago, I was wholly unprepared to answer this question: "What would you do if your Piggy Bank dropped below 0, but you had the next 4 weeks lined up with payments that would hit your minimum monetary?"

A bit of a thought experiment, right?

At the end of last week, I decided two things.
  1. I wouldn't re-roll my pilot idea in that situation
  2. I need to revise my conditional system to reflect that
The goal of Pig Pilots is to build a business I love, but one that is also profitable. Because I know myself, I knew that I would need to work within a system that wouldn't allow me to make emotional decisions. This is not an emotional decision; here's why:
If a retail business is having a slow summer, but is lining up layaway orders for the holiday season, they don't shut down in September. They know they have business coming in, so they continue to work super hard all summer long to increase those orders or run promotions for back to school and Halloween in the meantime. This is the same thing.
I would actually lose out if I did re-roll, because the time it takes to grow monetarily (even at a stellar rate like I've done) would far exceed the one week it takes me to next meet my minimum monetary. Hell, it would take more than a month.

With that in mind, I've made another system change.

If I hit zero in my Piggy Bank, I'm not re-rolling. I'm instead going to give myself 4 weeks to get back to hitting my minimum monetary again. I don't want to drop dramatically though, so this only applies down to -$100 – no lower.
I'm just like that retail business. I'm not closing up shop unless all those layaway orders cancel or I can't bring in my minimum monetary for an entire month.


tl;dr I've made a change to my conditional system. If I hit $0 in my Piggy Bank, I'm not re-rolling. Instead, I'm giving myself $100 leeway and 4 weeks to get back to making my minimum monetary. If I can't, then I'll re-roll. But it doesn't make sense to close up shop if there's money around the corner.

Author Bree Weber Published 6/28/2018, 10:08:49 PM Permalink

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