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This week has been rough... πŸ™„

For new business, that is. I knew it would be a challenging week because I planned to take off Monday, and would be spending Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon traveling, effectively cutting 5 business days into just 3.
Of course, Saturday and Sunday are still at my disposal – and I plan to take advantage of them.
Last week, I had a rush of clients moving over to retainer plans, which was fantastic πŸŽ‰! That means this week, I need to continue to fulfill my promises, work hard, and meet deadlines. It also means I need to cultivate more relationships and convert more "maybe"s into "yes"s.
Traveling without regular access to my laptop – or even wifi – has made that super challenging. I know that my #piggybank πŸ’° can cover me if I need it, but I really don't want to #stagnate. I want to keep growing! 🌱


tl;dr This week is slow, mostly because I've been away instead of hustling for more work. So, it's back to work – in the evenings and on the weekends if need be – to find more clients and get more done.

Author Bree Weber Published 6/21/2018, 5:59:45 PM Permalink

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