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What the heck is minimum monetary?

Looking back at my last post, I totally glossed over #minimumonetary. This is partially because it's not a new concept. I've had this in mind since the original conditional system was implemented. But I haven't chatted it up that much, so let's do that now.
I did some voodoo magic (read: math) and determined the absolute minimum that I can live on. Obviously this is different for every person, but I tried to base mine on things I can't live without like groceries, and not things that I don't want to live without like almond milk lattes. ☕️
The idea behind the minimum (in both setups) is that my conditional systems don't force me to keep growing the business. What I love about my new conditional system is that it 100% encourages me to keep growing, to build my Piggy Bank with Bonus Bucks streaks.

Because I really don't want to live without those almond milk lattes 🐷💸

tl;dr Not sure what I mean by minimum monetary? It's the absolute minimum I need to earn to live on.

Author Bree Weber Published 6/12/2018, 12:50:10 PM Permalink

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