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I know, I know... I went MIA again.

The good news is that I met a #conditional this week, so I'm now tied with #videogamestreamer for longest running #pilotidea!
  • ✅ Monetary – 3,798 PigPoints
  • 🕑 Engagement – 1,921 PigPoints
  • 🕑 Popularity – 1,858 PigPoints
The week isn't over, but this is the first in several weeks that I haven't met Popularity or Engagement. And I already know the reason – I haven't published any of my own work for 2 weeks now. I've been preoccupied with client work, which is great, but it also reveals a potential problem.
The actions I take and activities I do that can earn money are different from those that bring popularity or engagement. This effectively means I am choosing between paid projects and personal projects based on what I think is the best route that week.
Obviously, that's a bad thing. A driving force of Pig Pilots is a system that removes emotional choices or gut feeling decisions. So, it's confirmed that I need to make changes to the system. To even out how conditionals are met and paths can earn points.

tl;dr This week I realized that every week I am choosing between money vs popularity and engagement, because the actions for paid projects are completely different from the latter. This needs a fix pronto, so things will be a'changin'.

Author Bree Weber Published 4/28/2018, 12:58:11 PM Permalink

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