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I met all three #conditionals again this week!
  • Monetary – 1,688 PigPoints
  • Engagement – 980 PigPoints
  • Popularity – 1,099 PigPoints
After putting together all of my milestones for this #pilotidea, I'm starting to wonder if my initial values for each formula were too high. Am I doing really well or have I just set up a system that is allowing me to succeed without merit?
So, this week, I'll be reevaluating to see if I need to adjust the system in anyway. To start off, I'm dropping the LinkedIn #platform for two reasons:
  1. The platform doesn't allow you view analytics broken up by dates, only all time
  2. I'm getting more engagement from external links than on-platform articles
So, I've got a new path I can fill!

tl;dr I met this week's conditionals, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm super good or the system is too easy.

Author Bree Weber Published 4/15/2018, 10:23:33 PM Permalink

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