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It seems that I may have hit a plateau as a #videogamestreamer
After progressing each week, I upped the anti to meeting two (instead of one) conditionals this week. And as luck would have it, this seems to be the week that everything slows down.
Progress as of this post:
  • Reach 20 viewers (simultaneously) –> max viewership has been 13 this week
  • Attain 17 new followers –> have 14 new followers so far
  • Receive a sum of $7 donation/tips –> have not received any
I'm getting nervous because I've really begun to love streaming on #twitch and I actually don't want to roll the dice on a new #pilotidea. But, if #pigpilots has taught me anything it's that what feels impossible is, more often than not, absolutely possible.
So, I'm definitely not giving up. I've got about 2 more days to hit these two conditionals and I'm going to stream my heart out. See you there.

tl;dr It's getting down to the wire to hit these two conditionals and stay a video game streamer. I'm not giving up because the impossible is possible.

Author Bree Weber Published 2/25/2018, 1:34:39 AM Permalink

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