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Ever heard the phrase 'that'll happen when pigs can fly'? Let's think about that for a minute. Obviously, pigs do not have wings like a falcon or pterodactyl, so they simply can't heave themselves into the air and fly south for Caribbean getaways.
So while the sentiment is true, we use this phrase to tell people their ideas are impossible. That whatever they hope to achieve is out of humanity's grasp or more specifically the dreamer's capabilities.
I have a bone to pick with that idea.
Most of our limitations in life are our own limiting beliefs, or the beliefs of others that we accept as our own. We live in an age of incredible technology that makes science fiction look like reality and the impossible downright possible.
We are using technology to accomplish the extraordinary. So, it looks like pigs do fly. 🐽✈️
That is the spirit behind this venture. Where does the pilot come in, you ask? A pilot is a small, simple, controlled experiment. And that's what I'll be doing here at Pig Pilots.
Each week, I am starting up a new business, just like a practice run, to see if the business seed idea passes three tests:
  1. passion
  2. purpose
  3. profit
I've created a master list of business ideas that I've been interested in, toyed with but never tried out or just never truly considered before.
Each week, I'll select one of those business ideas using this random decision maker, and put it to the test. I'll research the market, talk to the competition, and analyze the going rates to determine if this pilot is right for me. Will it work? Will anyone want it? Do I even like doing it?
If I answer these questions early, I'll move on to the next one. If I find there is staying power, I'll continue to explore it. While I flight test during week one, I'll offer the service or product for 90% less than what the other guys are charging. After all, experience is the best teacher.
If you have business seed ideas, tweet them to me at @pigpilots. Follow my progress in live time on Facebook or check back here for regular updates, lessons learned, and new insights on the process.

tl;dr What is possible is determined largely by what you allow yourself to believe is possible. So, I'm flipping the script on 'pigs can't fly' to pilot a new business idea every week.

Author Bree Weber Published 1/22/2018, 10:00:01 AM Permalink

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